Imagine Nation Studios: Blog en-us . [email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Photography 101 with John Mateos Ong Join Pastor John Mateos Ong as he conducts a very extensive seminar on Photography 101 on April 7, 2017 from 9am-3pm at the Church of the Risen Christ Main Hall.

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Imagine Nation Studios presents Before I Do Jump Start! Learn from the best wedding experts and suppliers before tying the knot; BEFORE I DO: JUMPSTART on February 26, 2017, Sunday at Robinsons, Magnolia. FREE ADMISSION!!

To register, click this link:
Visit our website:

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Weddings & Debuts 2016 Bridal Fair

Hello everyone! Come visit our booth at the Weddings and Debuts 2016 Bridal Fair on February 19, 20 & 21 at the SM Megatrade Hall 1, 2 & 3. Our marketing team will be there on Friday and Saturday to accommodate your queries. Thank you so much! Many promos and freebies await you! See you there!

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Weddings & Beyond Bridal Fair 2016

Hi everyone! The long wait is over! We are inviting you to join us in Weddings and Beyond Bridal Fair on January 23-24, 2016 at the PICC 1, 2, 3, Pasay City.

Come and visit us at Booth A92. See you there!

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Melo & Nikki: SDE (Video)

Melo and Nikki SDE from Imagine Nation Videos on Vimeo.

Wedding Date: November 5, 2015
Venue: Splendido, Tagaytay

For a love like that of Melo and Nikki, not everything is predictable, but it sees life as beautiful as a song written in different languages. What they have is unexpected, more like a surprise, with all the adventures that go with it.


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Getting Married Bridal Fair 2016

Love is definitely in the air! Imagine Nation Photo & Video invites you to join the biggest and most prestigious bridal fair in the Philippines: Getting Married. On January 16-17, 2016, 10am-8pm, at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

Our booth numbers are 58 & 45. See you!

For more information, you can contact us at 09175634685, or simply send us an email at [email protected].

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Sam & Aizza: SDE (Video)

SAM AND AIZZA_SDE from Imagine Nation Videos on Vimeo.

Wedding Date: November 18, 2015
Event Venue: Edsa Shangri-la


A love united by God. As Sam and Aizza ties the knot, their journey continues, from being true friends into lovers. And because of bringing each other closer to the Lord, they have managed to fulfill a relationship centered on unconditional love; not of pride, not of compromise.

As Aizza walks down the aisle and Sam waits for her, everything was grandiose. Love looks good on them; they wore it like a never-ending promise; beyond reality, beyond certainty.

The wedding ceremony of the couple at Edsa Shangri-la was a reunion of friends and family which celebrated love and recollection of memories while looking forward to a brighter future filled with joy and devotion.

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We're giving away FREE TICKETS for the Kerygma Conference 2015!

Imagine Nation Photography is giving away free tickets for the Kerygma Conference 2015 on November 19-22, 2015 at the SMX Mall of Asia! Kerygma Conference is the annual inspirational and learning event of the Light of Jesus Family under the leadership of bestselling author and renowned Catholic preacher, Bo Sanchez.

To get a chance to win a free ticket, simply comment under this post a reason why you should be part of the Kerygma Conference 2015. We will announce the winners tomorrow and will message you ASAP. If you win, you can claim your tickets by texting Mary Ann Albay at 09175634685.

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Gilson & Grala: Prenup (Video)

Gilson and Grala_PRENUP VIDEO from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Date: July 19, 2015 
Venue: Pagudpod, Ilocos Philippines

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Gilson & Grala: Prenup BTS (Video)

Gilson + Grala Prenup BTS from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Date: July 19, 2015 
Venue: Pagudpod, Ilocos Philippines

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Gilson & Grala: SDE (Video)

Gilson and Grala_SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Gilson Chan + Grala Teo
October 24, 2015 | 6pm
Ceremony/Reception: W Hotel Singapore

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Before and After I Do 20th Edition  

Experience will speak for us that marriage is not a walk in the park. The array of problems piling up are like math problems where you have to figure out the formula in order to solve a problem, every single time. There is no single formula for all marriage problems.

It has been our never ending passion to prepare couples before entering marriage; a pre-requisite course where they can picture life scenarios and write down their own formulas. Redeeming couples even before reaching the brink of difficulties is the best we could do to fulfill the will of God in the sanctity of marriage.

Marriage is hard work, yes. Marriage could make or break a family, yes. The foundation of any marriage could be as fragile as a vase whose foundation was built over the years. But while we do not have control over circumstances, we have a choice over our emotions and thoughts. God is in control. We just have to surrender everything to Him and believe that we are capable of understanding the concepts of marriage and relationship.

We invite you to devote your time in building a healthy relationship with your partner centered in God through an intensive workshop tailored to fit you. Before and After I Do 20th Edition is a marriage jump starter workshop on April 9, 2015 at Belleza Events Place, 121 V. Luna Road Extension Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

The workshop cost is Php 1,500 per couple. Click here for registration and payment.

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July: a season for rain or faithfulness? As a wedding photographer of over 10 years now and having been blessed to shoot at least a thousand of them, one of the most frequently asked question to me is — Which one is your most memorable one? and my answer is always — there’s many! This month, I’d like to share two of them because our theme is indoor weddings (because July starts off the rainy season)…   For the fist story, it’s not the most memorable just because it’s overseas and I love travelling, not because its was a wedding of a couple who turned to become friends and I still see them often to this day because they’ve become not only one of our sponsor in photography but more specially that it’s a wedding where Jesus has made his presence felt literally.  Anyway, here it goes:


at Bintan Lagoon in Indonesia. One of my most memorable wedding.

at Bintan Lagoon in Indonesia. One of my most memorable wedding.

Hindu weddings are 3 days long.  This specific wedding was done in Bintan Lagoon in Indonesia but the weird thing is that you have to go through Singapore instead because it’s much closer to it.  So 1st 2 days, we had the ceremonies indoors since of this were a normal indian wedding, most of the ceremonies would have been done in the couple’s house. Day 3 comes and a storm brews.  I can still visualize the preparation, Tasha’s face evidently starts to worry.   Brother comes in the room and says “Tasha! It’s raining we need plan B.” with that Tasha explodes in tears as she says “There is no plan B!  I did not come to Indonesia, fly people to a beach resort, rent an elephant, wait for 2 days to just do my wedding indoors!”  What faith!  With that she turns to me and says “John, can you pray to your God to make this rain stop?”.  I was honestly caught by surprise. Am I a prophet?  but with that statement I say a quick whisper of help to Jesus and my response definitely did not come from me as I said “I will only pray if we gather the whole entourage here in this room.” with that she did and the room was filled and we did pray.   Afterwards, I asked to be excused for awhile and went down to the ceremony venue and spoke to God one on one. I said “Lord, I know its a huge request I am making as I can see the clouds are so dark and I can’t pray don’t let it rain cause it’s already raining right now, in fact I am getting soaked as I pray this, but Jesus your name will be glorified today if you answer my prayer.”  I go up and it hasn’t stopped raining.  Tasha worries more and my pictures are starting to look really bad cause the bride is not smiling.   To take her mind off the weather, I close all the curtains.  After a few minutes, the brother comes in again and says “Tasha! Please we need the plan B.”  This time, with boldness and confidence that my God is a God who answers prayers I tell him “No, God has answered our prayers.” I open all windows and show a sun shining bright on dry ground that looked as though it never rained at all. We were able to do our wedding outdoor as planned!


Coincidentally and unintentionally, on the way home I was down to my last shirt.  I had no other clean shirt to wear except one that said “Life without Jesus is a dead end” and guess what, I sat next to the Meraj (the hindu priest).  #awkwardmoment the same shirt which you can see I’m wearing here during my proposal to my wife Monique.


Proposal in Breakthrough in Iloilo in front of her family & friends.  Picture c/o Hyds Cecilio

Proposal in Breakthrough in Iloilo in front of her family & friends. Picture c/o Hyds Cecilio

I am sharing this fact (and picture) because the 2nd most memorable wedding is the one I wish I did shoot but obviously never did because it was my own (but at least I got to shoot my prenup whose pictures I am sharing in this blog since this is supposed to be MY shots) and coincidentally, as I am the assigned blogger every 1st day of the month, tomorrow also marks our 6th year wedding anniversary!


A rainbow usually shows itself after a drizzle.  Not in our wedding though.

A rainbow usually shows itself after a drizzle. Not in our wedding though.

Our wedding day was supposed to be May 31, 2009.  Everything was set — venue was booked, gowns being made, invitations due to be printed in a weeks time etc etc but there was a problem.  One of our master photographer – Jason was getting married in the same venue 34 days later — July 4.   Our guests complained, we want to witness both your wedding but its so impractical for us to go to the same venue almost only a month apart and we are getting married in Boracay!  With that I prayed and God has told me “You are the leader, you adjust your wedding.” so after speaking with Monique we decided to move our date to July 2, a Thursday since Jason has already gotten the weekend.”  Everyone was happy!
I was the first to have claimed I shot my own prenup

I was the first to have claimed I shot my own prenup

On June 1, the day after our original date, just out of curiosity I called up our coordinator Amanda just to check on the weather and this is what she said “John, it was raining hard and the rain did not stop!”.  Can you just imagine If I had exercised my muscle and forced Jason to move closer to my date instead? It would have been a disaster.  On my wedding day, it was sunny but the weird thing was God gave me a rainbow (which usually meant rain) as if telling us — God is true to his promises and just as we make a covenant to each other, God is also making a new covenant with us.
So you might be thinking…    Why didn’t I do it on July 3? Would have made our guests spend less.   Good question… another story to share.  The next day, after waking up.  I see a wedding set-up on the next resort. I called up Hyds and asked if she wanted some lessons in photography in taking candid shots (I forgot to ask my wife for permission to work on our 1st day of marriage but promised just to shoot the ceremony).  We literally dug a hole in the beach and positioned ourselves hidden away from everyone’s view and placed in our Telephoto zoom lens on our camera.   The march started, no photographer in sight.  We started clicking away. Bride marches still no photographer.  We wondered why and asked Hyds to come out of our hole since there was no photographer anyway.  We instantly became the official ones.  So the next day, we burn the CDs and drop off the shots in the reception for the couple with a note where to reach me (for tips and thank you).  Days and weeks pass without even a thank you.  I felt sooo bad.  One day, I was shooting in Dubai when I get a call from Ireland.  I decided to answer, it was the groom and he apologized for only having to call now.  He explained “You know the day after our wedding, the grand father of my bride passed away and he was like a father to her. So we had to leave the island immediately and go into mourning. We had only noticed your pictures now and we realized we had forgotten how fun our wedding had been only after seeing your pictures. Thank you!” those are words that made me say “LORD, THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME A PHOTOGRAPHER!”
Yes, I took our engagement pictures.

Yes, I took our engagement pictures.

I hope my stories of my most memorable weddings blessed you… I wish I could show you more pictures but unfortunately, I am currently in Sydney, Australia as I write this and I don’t usually store pictures in my laptop but more than the fantastic pictures, I would like to share with you a more fantastic God. And if you are reading this because you are preparing for your wedding, then I encourage you, that rain or shine, hail or storm, the most important element in your wedding is not the food, the pictures or the guest though that would have been great if you had them all, don’t forget that the most important thing in that ceremony is the “Marriage” which you get to take home.  So don’t forget save a chair for Jesus!
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Mark and Kate: Love and Travel Destination weddings are becoming a trend nowadays.  It’s the idea of celebrating the couple’s union and love with the closest people in their lives, away from the city, from the stress, the hustle and having nature as their view as they say “I do” that couples long for.

In my second wedding shoot in Batanes, I’d say the atmosphere still serve this very purpose. The mountains are one with your love, and the breeze will hug your heart sprightly and all you want to do is fill your lungs with that fresh air, with your arms wide open, as you run, or simple sit and stare. A simple celebration of life and love.LIZ_7760

Batanes, for Mark and Kate, was the perfect place to seal their marriage.  Being photo enthusiasts and adventurers, they spent their engagement and post engagement shoot walking, trekking, jumping, running, sitting, lying, smiling and laughing in the mountains and beaches. We were greeted with the sun and breeze. A perfect time to do just anything. It was their first time to see the sights of Batanes and their idea was to tour while we shoot. They enjoy the view and the moment–a leisure slash work–very casual and nothing formal. And with their guests close to about 40 only, their wedding was very simple but filled with smiles, care and singing.  A simple celebration of life and love indeed.











May 15, 2015

Church: Mt. Carmel Chapel

Reception: Fundacion Pacita

Videographer: Aisle 1401     HMUA: Sherbeth Anne Quion     Accessories and decors: Our Handmade Heritage, Inc.     Gown: Bride’s own design






































































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Celebrate your June Wedding Anniversary in these 3 Delightful Ways A few days ago my husband and I celebrated our fifth year Wedding Anniversary. As the day approached, I kept thinking of ways to celebrate another milestone in our married life. The reason why I wanted to celebrate this year so much was because I wanted to remind myself of how incredibly blessed I am to be married to my husband and how I don’t ever want to take that for granted (because believe me, oftentimes I do). So I came with 3 ways to celebrate this year and I’d like to share it with you so you can celebrate your wedding anniversary in these 3 delightful ways too!


  1. Get something that both of you will equally enjoy.

Birthdays are the perfect time to give gifts to people who are special to you, so what better way tocelebrate your wedding anniversary than to get you both this one thing that you know you will get to use together. I mean sure a new playstation sounds fun…for most husbands, but not for most wives. And while a new pair of shoes sounds nice for your wife, a husband may not be able to rock his look with the same pair. My husband and I enjoy taking videos and photos of our out-of-town trips so we saved up and finally got our selves a GoPro! Because of this gift, I know we will both get to capture so many of our adventures together! What do you and your wife/husband love to do together? Get something that you will both equally enjoy!






  1. Go on a trip just for two.

Whether you have kids or don’t, your wedding anniversary is a special time to reconnect with your spouse. It’s a time when you can look back and remember things that you are both grateful for, things that you learned about each other and things to look forward to, to give you both renewed hope so you could keep pressing on. Leave your kids with your parents or other family members and just enjoy some down time with your spouse. It doesn’t even have to be out of town, book a hotel in your city and unwind with a massage for two, a dip in the pool and then maybe cap the night off with a glass of wine or two. My husband and I finally got to visit Bucas Grande in Surigao and I must say, I forgot all about the city as soon as I stepped on the boat and I got to once again just reconnect with my husband as we got to explore a new place together. What’s more, we got to make new friends too!!






  1. Schedule a photo shoot!

I know this takes some effort to do but that’s exactly why you should do it. It’s one of those few times that you both make a conscious effort to get all dressed up and have personal keepsakes of such a special milestone in your married life. We asked some of our photographer friends if they could spare us a few hours of their time to do this shoot for us and I think they did such a wonderful job plus I now have new photos to put on picture frames around our home!







So there you go, 3 easy and delightful ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. At the end of the day though, however you celebrate the milestones in your married life is really all up to you as long as that’s exactly what you do— celebrate. Now get out there and start planning your next wedding anniversary! Cheers!


Check out these DIY tips on how to get that Spring Inspired Wedding of your Dreams!

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June Bride: Spending time with your wife Since its June, lets talk about June brides. Surprise surprise tho… we don’t really have June brides here.  In other countries, many people get married in June for different reasons like its the start of the summer season, its when flowers bloom and in some, its supposed to be a lucky date.  However, in the Philippines, our peak is December because its not so hot and its a time when family members usually go home to spend Christmas season with loved ones.  Anyway, to kick it off, I’d like to share a verse:


“When a man takes a new wife, he shall not go out with the army nor be charged with any duty; he shall be free at home one year and shall give happiness to his wife whom he has taken. (‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭24‬:‭5‬ NASB)

At this day and age, you’d probably regard this as passe or you’d say its not applicable to today’s time.  There’s a big Chance too that after reading this blog you’d say it makes sense but you still wont act on it anyway.
There is probably a good reason why God placed this verse in the bible.
I’m a self confessed shopper. I have so much brand new stuff in my stockroom that at one point in time, during the time it was on the screen of my computer, I said “I need it, gotta have it, this is just what I’m looking for, this is gonna make my life so much easier” and so after buying it 3 years later guess what — its still in the box untouched.  Sometimes when i open it, that’s the only time i find out, it doesn’t work as its supposed to or something is wrong with it and its now too late to send it back for a refund or even for an exchange.
OK, as much as i don’t want to compare wives to an item i just bought, unfortunately the verse I quoted above was written under “laws for divorse” and you think about it, what does spending time with your new wive have to do with divorce?  So this is my take on the matter:
1. There is a wife you don’t know. Regardless of whether you’ve been together for year or dating for a decade.
2. There is an adjusting period.  Being together with someone changes you. Seeing each other every day is still not the same as living together.
3. the first year is the wife’s year.  As you see here it says “give happiness to your wife who you’ve taken.”
So if you’re newly married give time for adjustment. Don’t get busy right away. Enjoy each other during this honeymoon period.
Cars have period check ups and so do you.  Sometimes life gets so busy that we tend to forget that its been months since we last took out our wives on a date (mine must have been a year!) and a decade since you last took her out on a vacation.  Did you know that many husbands to housewives think that since the wife is just home they are just resting? And many of them think that since they are just home
1. Have a Family planning every year or at least every 2 years where you get to establish long term and short term goals.  Also ask your kids what their goals or ambitions are.
2. For me you should have at least one a year time off to spend time together far away, doesn’t have to be out of the country, just be away from work and that includes kids.
3. Its not only on the first year we need this. Make it your focus as long as you live.
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A Word that Means the World to Me “M” is for the million things she gave me


“O” means only that she’s growing old


“T” is for the tears she shed to save me


“H” is for her heart of purest gold


“E” is for her eyes with love-light shining


“R” means right and right she’ll always be


Put them all together they spell MOTHER


A word that means the world to me.



-Howard Johnson (c.1915)

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Mom 2JAM_1468
Mothers are never alike.


There are those are like your friends with whom you can share almost anything. There are the disciplinarians from whom you develop some fear. There are those who nag you, always telling you to do this or that. There are those who spoil you, giving you everything you ask for. Still, there are those who do not seem to care, leaving you to live however you want to live.


They are not always pleasant. Sometimes, they can be unreasonably over-protective. Sometimes, they don’t seem to see your side of things. And sometimes, they just don’t know how to express their feelings.


Regardless, she is your mother.


She carried you for nine months until you were ready to have your own body. She nourished you and took care of you. She endured sleepless nights to attend to your needs. She risked not being able to go back to her coca-cola body just to have you!

jam_0031 JAL_3694


She does everything in her power to make you happy.


It’s hard for her to let you go.


Despite that, she still does.


She loves.




Share the love.



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A Love Letter To My Wife Dear Marian,

The day we got married was one of the happiest days of our lives. Our love has grown day by day, we have been through so much but we are closer than ever.

The arrival of our daughter has been a great joy  and the love in our home multiplied. We are a family where there is love, understanding and support. I know being a mom and wife is a 24-7 job.  I thank you for your superb time management skills to your work and at the same time taking care of our little family. Pressure never gets you down, but I know working so many hours must be stressful and tiring too. You get up early with the little one and start each day with grace. You give so much, and continue your selfless efforts even though often you don’t get what you deserve in return. We know that you put up a lot from both of us, and we are thankful every day to have you in our lives.

I admire you so much my love. You are everything to me, thank you for blessing my life with your love, presence and all thanks to the light that you shine in our lives. My life and my heart are all yours.






P.S  To all the Moms, Thank you for all the love, dedication and sacrifices.

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The Love of a Mother The Love of a Mother: Photos of How Mothers Show Their Love for Their Daughters and Sons During Their Wedding Day

Love is forever.


4 Love is patient, love is kind.




It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.



It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking…



…it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.


Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.



It always protects…



…always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.



Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

And for every bit of gesture of love, we daughters and sons, will cherish it and hold on to it forever.





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Imagine Nation Now Offers Birth Photography! May is the month to celebrate honoring our mothers. Thus, Imagine Nation Photography officially brings you our birth photography service. We don’t wanna miss any of your milestones, and what better way to document them than to creatively capture  God’s awesome gift- the gift of life. This is one of the reasons why we, as cliche as it may sound, always say that we love this job. Imagine how God uses us as instruments to capture every priceless chapter of your life. From that secretly well-planned proposal, to your engagement session, from your wedding day, until you finally see those two lines, waiting every moment to see that baby bump growing, yes we do maternity shoots too, and the next thing you’d need our photography service is on your child’s newborn or first birthday. But we missed something in between, that very significant moment you’ve all waited for… the birth of your bundle of joy. And we’re now at your service!

Anna Larrucea and Robbie Pangilinan have always been Imagine Nation’s faithful clients, from theirengagement session to their wedding day, when Anna got pregnant, we shot her boudoir bump too. Now sharing with you the birth of Andrew Ryder…

Birth Photography by MADOKA TOMAS


I love this very candid moment when Robbie comforted Anna during labor pains. It really helps when your husband is there beside you.


Introducing Dra. May Anne Tabaquero, she’s also my OB-GYNE, very caring, gentle, bubbly and she’s single too! (HAHA)


The excited lola, auntie and uncle.


Yes, been there, that simple gesture of holding our hands while we endure the pain is really helpful.


I’m so proud of Robbie too for being the supportive and patient husband.


Daddy Robbie getting ready for his OOTD.


Hooray!!! Hello there Andrew Ryder!


Dads can cut their umbilical cord too!


Mommy Anna’s first look.

Imagine_Nation_Photography_Birth_Photography_Madoka_Tomas16Imagine_Nation_Photography_Birth_Photography_Madoka_Tomas17  Imagine_Nation_Photography_Birth_Photography_Madoka_Tomas19 copy

Imagine_Nation_Photography_Birth_Photography_Madoka_Tomas20 Imagine_Nation_Photography_Birth_Photography_Madoka_Tomas21

First family picture!


One of my favorite shots, the lolas’ priceless reaction!


Of course, who else is the star of the night? all cameras to Ryder!



Giving birth soon? Interested? Email us at [email protected]


*subject to your OB-GYNE and hospital approval.

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Fashion Forward Festival Butuan Beautiful

Festivals are a big thing in the Philippines. Every province seems to have a reason to come together and celebrate fiesta’s all year round. Cebu celebrates the Sinulog festival every January, Bacolod celebrates the Maskara Festival during the same month as well while Baguio celebrates the Panagbenga every Feburuary and Butuan, the province we moved to just last year, celebrates the Balangay festival every May.

The Balangay Festival celebrates the importance of the Balangay boats in Butuan, the prehistoric boats that were discovered in Butuan and date back to a time before Magellan discovered our islands. One of the major events that happen during this festival is the Mutya Hong Butuan, an event that celebrates the local beauties of Butuan. This year, Imagine Nation Photography was commissioned to be the official photographers of the Mutya Hong Butuan and we worked closely with the young designers of the city, making our shoot fashion forward savvy! The first set of photos showcases Bong Enriquez’ Summer/Spring look and the second set showcases the designers take on using local water hyancinth (water lily) and is a first in Mindanao.


Poster layers edit




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Mother of the Bride There is something special about witnessing mothers watch their daughter take the next milestone in their life.   Yes I have experienced “stage mothers” surface even in weddings.  They can’t stop “mothering” in a good way.  Somehow, I love how they are still there giving every chance to still impart their nurturing and loving nature to their children.  Somehow I believe it gives them a bit of flashback of what it was like for them to walk down the aisle.  Nostalgic to go back in time and yet unbelievable amazing to see time fly and now be the spectator of her own daughter’s wedding march.

So this May, I want to celebrate the photographs of mothers who raised and guided my beautiful brides to become the women that they are now…  Wife of substance and purpose.  May these photos remind you how precious mothers are. It may be your daughter’s big day, but the truth is, it’s your big day too.  It’s a big day to praise God for His faithfulness in your life in rearing your child.  It’s a big day to give yourself a pat on the back because after all – parenting is no easy job.  It is truly blood, sweat and tears.  So your daughter’s wedding day is your crowning glory.

There are mothers who don't have names but you can just tell how much love they have inside.

There are mothers whose name we don’t know but you can just tell how much love they have inside.

Then there were the Pastor's wives who you know are so spirit filled being the supporter of the husband and usually the more hands on with the kids.

Then there were the Pastor’s wives who you know are so spirit filled being the supporter of the husband and usually the more hands on with the kids.

Political Mom's who are usually tougher but this doesn't really reflect whats inside them.

Political Mom’s who are usually tougher but this doesn’t really reflect whats inside them.

and of course the most special mom of all -- my mom.

and of course the most special mom of all — my mom.


But I am thankful that God enabled me to document the birthing of my 4th child…

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DIY Spring: Make Your Own Indoor Spring Wedding DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-4We love Spring. Even when we do not have Spring in the Philippines, spring is a season we look forward to each year, in terms of fashion trends. Spring is a season of colors, of all things bright and beautiful, of all things that bloom. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-8

And since in the Philippines, all year round, it’s tropical, it’s kinda like Spring the whole time. Even when it’s rainy season, you can also make your own indoor spring, just know what elements make up SPRING.DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-3

1. Gather things that are colorful

If you google “spring elements” you would see results of a lot of colorful things. Bright yellow, bright green, bright orange, bright! bright! bright! DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-5

Animals would also be part of the items you would see there. Birds of the air and cute cuddly creatures perhaps, you can always opt to choose an animal that means something to you and your partner. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-1

2. Flowers and more flowers

Flowers are the main attraction during spring time. It’s the time when most flowers are in bloom. You can either choose just one bright colored flower or go for a mix of bright and light flowers.

DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-2

Cherry blossoms in bloom are one of the most sought after attractions in Japan during spring. But you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to make your cherry blossom aisle. You can simple go to Divisoria and you can get 3 bundles for P100. Buy a lot more and they’ll give it to you for cheaper. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-10

Whether you put these flowers indoor or outdoor, it will indeed do the trick of giving your wedding that spring feel. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-9

It is important for you to know what you need before you go shopping. Be strict with your list of items to buy and don’t hoard a lot of things you will not need and those that won’t go with your desired theme.

For this wedding (Gerard and Meredith’s) they put everything indoor and it made the church look a lot different. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-7

They moved the flowers right after the wedding ceremony from United Evangelical Church to EDSA Shangri-la (no one has to know, just you and your coordinators.) This way, you save money and your theme is consistent. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-11

Table centerpieces don’t necessarily have to be the same, but of the same shade of color would be nice. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-12Another thing you can do with centerpieces is to buy plastic/artificial flowers and put them in clear vases with water in them. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-14

Add the same feel to your buffet area, your entrance and registration. Drapes aren’t always necessary if your venue is already quite bright. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-15

3. Keep it Light and Simple

Less is more as they always say. We, photographers, try as much as we can to get away from shooting the clutter that is around the place. Too much details can be an eyesore, but if you are able to choose which items go well with which, then that would be perfect.

DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-13

Choose a dark and a light color to go together, or any bright color then pair it up with white, because white is neutral, it usually is a safe color.
DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-6If you’re not too sure on which colors would work, consult an artist/stylist. Know exactly what you want and what details you can do without so as not to mess up the whole idea, and also so you won’t overspend. You may also look for pegs online, and try to work with the ideas you find in there.

P.S. Happy planning!

Preps: EDSA Shangri-la Garden Wing /  Church: United Evangelical Church of the Philippines / Reception: EDSA Shangri-la Garden Wing / Videographer: Dream Mechanics / Coordinator: Aileen Atinon / Host: Stuart Gan /

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Spring of Marriage Every month, each photographer is tasked to write a blog. This month’s theme is Spring. The thing is… I couldn’t find the words nor think of a concept to relate spring to my wedding photography style. I’ve been staring at this computer screen for hours now and it just dawned to me, I didn’t have to. I’ve decided on why weddings are the Spring for every Marriages. This topic is also sort of inspired by the recent testimony of our bosses, Sir Jong and Ms. Monique at CCF this Sunday.

( Click here to watch their testimony) 
So, Spring whilst it may seem a mere season to others, to me Spring is a promise of better beginnings and a symbol of victorious endings. Weddings are exactly like that. It is a new beginning for couples. 
Spring is Colorful, Weddings are too.
Even if you decide to have a black and white wedding, your wedding will always be filled with colourful emotions. Your families and friends laughter or happiness are like chirping birds celebrating the beginning of your life long commitment.
A wedding is the symbol for a relationship sealed by God. Spring is the symbol of God’s promises in our lives.
Like Spring you have to go through winter first. Like every relationships, couples go through tough times. Your love for each other will be tested and if you are still together no matter what, then that’s when the church bells start ringing. 
In spring, new flowers bloom. Like marriages, in the first few months we will discover new things about our spouse, things we have never noticed before you live in the same roof. 
Spring is also the like weddings, most couples decide to get married because they plan to build a family. Spring, from what I heard is also the best time to plant fruit trees.
Spring is a wonderful season, even the tiniest flower bloom during this time of the year.
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Of Wands and Light Sabers I have shot dozens and dozens of prenups. But I am always on the look-out for something new. A new location. A new theme. A new look. So when I spoke with this couple a few bridal fairs back, I knew their prenup, as well as their wedding, is going to be one for the books.

So what do you get when the groom is a Star Wars animator and a comic book lover and the bride is a die hard Harry Potter fan who loves to cross stitch her way around? Awesomeness all to the next level! As much as I want to post all the photos that I took during their shoot, I made an unbreakable vow to share just a few. So let your imagination run wild as you try to contemplate on what transpired behind the scenes of this one of a kind prenup!

May the force be with you!


You catch the Golden Snitch and the game is over. In AJ's case, the game is just about to begin.

You catch the Golden Snitch and the game is over. In AJ’s case, the game is just about to begin.

wouldn't it be nice to have one of these Time Turners handy,..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these Time Turners handy,..

Butterbeer anyone?

Butterbeer anyone?

Margaret working on one of her masterpieces...

Margaret working on one of her masterpieces…

Aj with his comic books...

Aj with his comic books…

Into the pineapple fields we go,… with the pandas of course!

Into the pineapple fields we go,… with the pandas of course!

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Spring spring1

New life.

Not the literal re-birth but it gives that feel.


You see beauty now.

But it was not beautiful in an instant.


It went through some growing.

And it was not painless.


Learn to trust and depend on others.

You yearn. You love.


Beauty comes forth and it overflows.

Live a purpose.


You reach out to extend your beauty.

It all seems magnificent.


You almost forget. You are not your own.

A mere creation.


You can only hope.

To live fully.


Experience life as it is.

And be grateful.

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Summer: The season of love, sweat, and tears BIL_5666

It’s summer! Sun’s out. Everything’s bright and happy. Love is all around! Woot woot! :))

I get so excited to shoot during summer because the sun’s shining the whole day and he’s just, you know, chillin’ there even after 6 and that means more portraits for our couples! Yay!


But the problem with summer is sweat! It’s so hot you can’t help but sweat up and I sweat a lot so I make sure I wear light colored clothes with light materials. Don’t worry, I’m not about to insert an ad about deodorants or something here (‘di pa ako ganoon kasikat. LOL). Anyway, we also expect you, our couples, to feel the heat and sweat a bit but that’s where our team’s magic comes out. Together with the makeup artists, we make sure your photos look cool and fresh!

Like here!



BIL_4707 BIL_5008



You’ll probably see our assistants using our ever trusty Reflectors aka The Giant Hand Fan to cool you down. Hehe.

Let me show some more bright and sunshine-y photos of Victor and Gaiana down below.


And don’t forget to book us this summer and any other month of the year! Lol.


BIL_4724  BIL_4497


BIL_4580 BIL_4619



BIL_4902 BIL_4948













BIL_5621 BIL_5709




BIL_5895   BIL_5994



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It’s SPRING the season of LOVE In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head ~ Terri Guillemets

Colors. Growth. Fun. Spring love it is!

These three words best describe our engagement session with our lovely couple for today, Lloyd and Emelyn.

Lloyd met Emelyn during college. They were classmates then. Now, they’ve grown both in career as lawyers and as individuals pursuing their passion. Stronger. And will finally tie the knot!

With beautiful spots, structure and light, Pinto Art Gallery for engagement photoshoot location is indeed a good choice. Amazing couple, awesome photos!













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Allan and Faith: God’s Best DSC_4891

Faith was never the girl who dreamed of being married but God made this a reality for her. For eight months, she was in a convent to become a nun. Little did she know, God had a different plan for her.


Faith met Allan in Singles for Christ in 2004. They were both shy and didn’t talk to each other then. Until in 2007, he texted her to greet her a happy new year. One text became numerous, and they became friends. Probably because of shyness, they still didn’t get the chance to talk in person. Until same year during the Holy Week, they both had a retreat in Tagaytay. Allan asked her to spend a day at the hills in Calaruega together for the first time which, according to Faith, was an amazing feeling. They started to go out more often and became a couple.

Faith was sure of being a nun, so they broke up a year after their relationship. She entered the convent and was really happy. It cannot be denied though that she thought of Allan oftentimes. After eight months, she decided to leave. Allan pursued her again, but Faith wanted them to be just friends because she was afraid of marriage and the responsibilities that it entails. For four years they continued to be friends, their love grew even more. And so, he proposed to her, and she faced her personal fears of marriage and said yes.


She realized that God was telling her that she could still serve God in her own capacity even as a married woman. She need not to be afraid. She followed that prompting and chose a life with Allan whom she can share her love for nature, spirituality, food and simple things.


January 12, 2015

Venue and Ceremony: Calaruega     Reception: Balay Indang


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Sakura Love During Spring season, where else is the best place to have your engagement session? Japan, famous for their cherry blossoms or what they call Sakura. My couple, Mik and Chia decided to have their prewedding shoot in Japan. But it bloomed earlier in Tokyo and it started to fall by the time their shoot was scheduled. So I’ve researched another location where Sakura is still in full bloom. We headed north of Tokyo to Saitama Prefecture and found this beautiful spot. It’s surreal.


Oh yes! I did imagine them in that frame. Who wouldn’t fall in love all over again with this place?

It was like a paradise to them.

When we arrived there, the weather was 1 degree Celsius. Freezing cold right? But guess what? A snowfall surprised us… and according to Japan news,  it’s the recorded snow in April for the first time in five years. So are we lucky? HAHA. I believe so. Mik and Chia wanted to experience snow and they wanna see cherry blossom too… and God made it happened both at the same time. I love God’s humor though. :) The beautiful contrast of the cherry blossoms and the nanohana flowers are truly amazing.  Enjoy the rest of the set.



Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding5Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding6 copyImagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding7Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding9Imagine_nation_Madoka_tomas_japan_prewedding10



I’d like to commend my couple, Mik and Chia for braving the 1 degree Celsius weather, the snow and even the rain.

You guys did a great job! You nailed it! :))

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The Season of Beginnings “The day the Lord created hope
was probably the same day
he created Spring.”

– Bernard Williams

The season of spring is often related to words like hope, rebirth or rejuvenation, and like what most couples would experience in married life, it also brings the prospect of a fresh new start, so in today’s blog, I asked a few married friends of mine what it meant to have a “fresh start” and how they relate it to marriage, while it may mean a brand new beginning, I’m not hoping to find more than that. In these short conversations, their answers both surprised me and inspired me with a new angle in looking at my own married life.

What to you is a “Fresh Start” in Marriage?

Anna: During bf-gf relationship stage there is still that part of yourself you cant let go off, its still “I and you” so its always “I want to do this, you want to do that”, “I have my own money you have yours”, “I value my independence” etc.
That stage you’re still planning things for your future but still you’re holding on to what you have since of course you live separately, the emotional, financial, are still separate while as bf-gf.

When it came to marriage the union becomes from “You and I” to “We”. Every thing you decide on matters on money, dealing with emotions become as one, you can’t anymore make decisions separately since God sees you as one in marriage, it takes a different level of faith to trust your partner.

Buddy: In my case, I wanted to become a better person worthy of the love that am pursuing, nothing like the “take me as I am” mentality

I acknowledge my imperfections and limitations and set out to prove myself worthy of another person’s love and care.
The fresh start is when you build more on what is already existing in you. because although it matters who you were before and who you are now, what determines the future of the relationship is who you want to be in the future.

Buddy and Anna's pictorial in Fernbrook Gardens

Buddy and Anna’s pictorial in Fernbrook Gardens

Candid moment during Buddy and Anna's wedding

Candid moment during Buddy and Anna’s wedding

Anton: But marriage itself is the fresh start. The fear of letting go of a relationship we’ve grown used to. And the excitement of building a new way of relating with somebody I have always loved but at the same time is someone new. While there can be this sense of “crisis” to fresh starts, I do think that it helps to re-evaluate, even re-experience the depth of my relationship with my wife.

Catherine: By getting married and living with each other we discovered things about each other that I don’t think we would have otherwise, and because we come from different families, cultures and ways of dealing with the world, we had to adjust to that, like learning a different communication style or love language. Physical prep though for me was take the bare necessities and leave everything at my house of origin.e necessities and leave everything at my house of origin.

Anton and Cath with books from campus

Anton and Cath with books from campus

Are “fresh starts” a one time thing only or are there many of them along the way?

Buddy and Anna:
For me i think there are a lot of “fresh starts” along the way, the learning process in a marriage is endless
You find out things about your partner and go back to the idea that whatever you guys settle on like for instance moving out, living independently, with or without a maid when you have a baby, financial decisions is both your responsibility.

Moving out is a fresh start, the husband starts being the provider and leader of the family, for wives its a fresh start too by serving the husband and being the caretaker of the household be it that she’s a housewife of a working wife. Also the respect and maturity on the decisions you make as a married couple is ultimately different from when you were just a couple because it entails more responsibilities and challenges along the way.

Anton and Catherine:
Marriage and a lifelong commitment is full of fresh starts. A truly deep relationship connects people at the core of their being, a core that is constantly transforming and reorienting itself through the challenges of life. For example, Cathie and I have really changed in deep ways–her changing relationship with art, with her parents, with her own sense of purpose in life. And I have changed a lot too, mostly because of work, and transitioning from being a teacher to being a graduate student in Japan, to being a teacher again in Japan.

Anna while listening to Buddy's wedding vows

Anna while listening to Buddy’s wedding vows

An intimate moment during Anton and Cath's wedding

An intimate moment during Anton and Cath’s wedding

What encouragement or tips can you give to couples who are having their fresh start in marriage?

Buddy & Anna: You get a consensus from your partner that you want to travel that path then you journey towards that together, especially when you enter into marriage, because your partner should accept your past and help get to your future. Same concept with turning away from sin, it doesn’t matter what you have done, if you repent and accept Christ, you will be dead to sin and hence a new start for you in your walk with Christ. That’s how I look at it anyway and how I proceeded with the way to someday become a better person worthy of my family.

Anton: Since we really talk about these things, these changes are very evident to us, and it changes the way we share in each others lives. I have had to drastically reorient the way I have tried to support her over the years. Some things that used to help her became the very things holding her back — and it was always painful to let go of old ways of loving and build new ones.

Catherine: Haha! Anton and I did a lot of throwing away and giving things away too! Clothes, books, etc. We tried not to accumulate too many things since we knew we were moving. So for awhile we only had like one each of a pot, pan, bowl, and plate, and we’d just share them! We developed closeness through that. Emotional… We did a lot of talking and imagining. See possible futures and make possible plans so we don’t go there unprepared.
Oh and I took learning the Japanese language more seriously and we’d speak using that more often so we got used to it.
One more thing, we both spent a lot of time with our families to strengthen our bonds with them before we left.

Anton: There is a tension between stability and change in married life. Stability gives marriage a sense of safety, a haven from all the stresses of life. But sometimes we sit in that stability and end up taking each other for granted, forgetting that we need to work on our relationships, that we need to keep adjusting, that the person in front of you now is probably not the same person he or she used to be when you got married. And so change is important. It is painful, and it is tiring. But it is also one of the most refreshing experiences in married life. And the more changes you go through, the more that confidence and deep trust grows — that no matter how much we change and how much we go through, we can keep learning to love each other in new ways.

A scene from Anton and Cath's "moving in" prenup

A scene from Anton and Cath’s “moving in” prenup

A scene from Anton and Cath's "moving in" prenup

A scene from Anton and Cath’s “moving in” prenup

Buddy and Anna got married on December 2013 and are the owners of Black Wing Shoes, they have a strong and loyal clientele through their hard work and passion.

Anton and Catherine have long moved to Japan after their wedding in 2011 where they continue in their arts, studies and careers.

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A Springly Summer Prenup Sharing Mitch & Jessica’s Prenup taken at Casa San Pablo.

This couple have the best smiles and you could already see their love just by seeing how wide their smiles are.

Enjoy viewing some of the photos that we took in a very chill and homey place.

JMS_5353 JMS_5354
JMS_5409 JMS_5423
JMS_5503 JMS_5509
JMS_5552 JMS_5564

Love the bright, fun, and classic photos?
Come visit to see more of our works! 😀

You could also visit my personal website which is

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Five Spring Wedding Ideas You’ll Love While we skip the spring season here in our country, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our dreamspring wedding here in the Philippines. So while different seasons may can come and go, one of the advantages of living in a tropical country like the Philippines, is that you can have that ideal spring wedding at almost anytime of the year (what with us only having two seasons: the Wet season and the dry season).

When we think of spring weddings, we automatically think of  garden weddings, but the great thing about having a spring wedding in the Philippines is that when it gets too hot outside, we can bring the weddings indoors and still create that feel-good spring vibe. I’ve come up with five spring wedding ideas that you’ll love. Read on!


1. Details, Details, Details.

It could be the calligraphy you choose for your wedding invitations, or maybe the small bouquetof flowers you’ve chosen — no matter what, paying attention to these little details help you create that spring feel for you dream wedding I Do’s.




Go for a wedding gown that uses very light material 



 these flowers give off that spring ranch-wedding feel 


cute little peony bouquets won’t distract from the beauty that is you and yet still make a spring statement

2. Have fun with Colors.

Spring is the perfect season to infuse your special day with color. So use that knowledge in creating your spring wedding. Use colors that can brighten up anyones day. I love the pastel hue this couple chose for their entourage.


Pastel shades can brighten up any wedding



Neutral shades for the gentlemen are also perfect for the spring vibe



3.  Go indoors.

I know, I know, spring means enjoying the outdoors but honestly, it’s never really easy to stay under the scorching heat for long hours at a time, so don’t be afraid to go indoors and choose locations that have sufficient air-conditioning for you and your guests.




This Catholic Church in Forbes Park, Sanctuario de San Antonio is ideal for the the dry season when heat outside can go as high as 40 degrees celsius. Your guests will thank you later.



You and your guests can enjoy and appreciate the solemnity of the wedding ceremony in an air-conditioned church

4. Go outdoors for your portraits.

The abundance of natural light during the dry season makes spring weddings such a delight to shoot. Make good use of that glorious light by stepping outside once you start doing your wedding portraits.


5. Go Bright or Go Home.

Great indoor lighting can help give you that spring feel to your whole wedding setup. With exceptional lighting, even at night, one can’t help but imagine that just outside is a wonderful display of the clear night sky.


So there you go, my five  spring wedding ideas I hope you’ll find useful when planning your feel-good spring wedding! Cheers!

Ces and Joey’s A-team:

Photographer: Shayla Sanchez

Videographer: Notion in Motion

Hair and Make up: Bea Gatdula Almeda

Wedding Gown: Jo Rubio

Suit: Nomers Tailoring

Coordinator: Raquel Dayao-Ocampo

Flowers: Daughter of Design by Beng Villanueva

Reception Venue: Enderun Colleges

You can also Check out Ces and Joey’s Engagement Session here:

We love sharing photography tips too! Check this out for a great photography tip:

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Milestone There is something special about witnessing mothers watch their daughter take the next milestone in their life.   Yes I have experienced “stage mothers” surface even in weddings.  They can’t stop “mothering” in a good way.  Somehow, I love how they are still there giving every chance to still impart their nurturing and loving nature to their children.  Somehow I believe it gives them a bit of flashback of what it was like for them to walk down the aisle.  Nostalgic to go back in time and yet unbelievable amazing to see time fly and now be the spectator of her own daughter’s wedding march.

So this May, I want to celebrate the photographs of mothers who raised and guided my beautiful brides to become the women that they are now…  Wife of substance and purpose.  May these photos remind you how precious mothers are. It may be your daughter’s big day, but the truth is, it’s your big day too.  It’s a big day to praise God for His faithfulness in your life in rearing your child.  It’s a big day to give yourself a pat on the back because after all – parenting is no easy job.  It is truly blood, sweat and tears.  So your daughter’s wedding day is your crowning glory.

There are mothers who don't have names but you can just tell how much love they have inside.

There are mothers who don’t have names but you can just tell how much love they have inside.

Then there were the Pastor's wives who you know are so spirit filled being the supporter of the husband and usually the more hands on with the kids.

Then there were the Pastor’s wives who you know are so spirit filled being the supporter of the husband and usually the more hands on with the kids.


Political Mom's who are usually tougher but this doesn't really reflect whats inside them.

Political Mom’s who are usually tougher but this doesn’t really reflect whats inside them.

and of course the most special mom of all -- my mom.

and of course the most special mom of all — my mom. (not my photo)

Eventually, after the wedding, you in turn will have a chance to be parents yourselves. A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of documenting my wife gave birth to our 4th child Ezra.

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Winter is soon over, lets welcome spring! I wish! :) Isn’t it unfair that other countries have 4 seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn while the Philippines only has two, one of which don’t even fall into any the four — Take a pick: you may call it wet & dry season or summer & rain.  Upon a quick research, I discovered that the reason why we only have two is not just because of our weather but because most of our plants are not deciduous (which means) trees whose leave fall and grow depending on season.  Most of the trees that we have here are called “Evergreen” which I think is pretty cool.  Much like Filipinos…  they say we are generally warm, happy people regardless of circumstance.
While we may complain and ask why autumn, winter and spring sales, being in a tropical country do have quite a few advantages:
  • Because of our season, many of the best fruits grow in the Philippines.
  • We have weddings almost all year round.
  • We don’t need different clothing for different season.  At most, normal people have a few jackets or raincoats in our cabinets just in case.
  • We hardly ever have to rake dry leaves out of our lawns.  One reason for this is that most houses in the Philippines don’t have lawns and neither do we have trees. :)
Nope, we don't have those here but our trees are almost always green.

Nope, we don’t have those here but our trees are almost always green.

Though weddings are at peak during December and January, I do look forward to this season as beach and garden weddings abound which are my personal favorites.  Though I don’t like staying under the sun, for obvious reasons, I do love that time when the sun is about to set and which photographers call “the magical hour”.
I’d like to think though that regardless of how many seasons we have in our country, whether just two, three our four. God our lives will always have four and I think thats a good thing.  Being summer and bloom all year round might make me proud and think I’m higher and better than everyone. While being stuck in winter having nothing to eat might force me to steal and in the process dishonor God. (read proverbs 30)
The bible says that God originally made the sun and moon, not to give us light (as what we think) but as markers of the different seasons.  Genesis 1:14 reads “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark the seasons, and days and years.” and yes, each of us are in different seasons of our lives but seasons do change.

When your are about to lose hope, never ever forget that God puts us in that season for a reason and we shouldn’t waste that season by not figuring out why God put us there.  There are lessons to be learned regardless of what season you are in.  Each season has its ups and downs… Yes, I do love the beach and gardens, but I don’t like it when I have bad sun burn and  I don’t like having to put sun block every time I go out.

Its a blessing that In the Philippines you can get married anytime you want.

Its a blessing that In the Philippines you can get married anytime you want.

Are you in the season for marriage? savor it… preparation may be hard but there’s a lot of lesson to be learned specially with each other and some of them include patience, team work, budgeting…
Are you in a season of loneliness?  Its the perfect time to soul search and know God.  Its the perfect time to do that hobby without worrying about going home early or reporting to someone.
Great business?  Strike while the iron is hot and maximize your profits.   Are you in a drought, maybe now is the best time to innovate to plan and evaluate.
Remember what Ecclesiastes 3:1 is saying “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” It might not be your season now, but that simply means your season is just about to come.


Imagine Nation has been in Winter too long (and yes that includes hibernation), bu I’d like to think that spring is coming very very soon…
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Look Here: Brighter than Sunshine zzzz

Being a Wedding Photographer is tough, you have to be always alert, focused, and at the top of your game. Weddings are composed of lots of priceless moments and our job is to do our best to capture it in the best angle we could. How did I become a photographer you may ask? Well, here’s my story.

Starting at a young age, I enrolled myself with the support of my parents at Imagine Nation Photography’s Basic Photography Workshop which is the Purpose Driven Photographer, it’s a 7 week workshop that will cover the basics and advanced techniques in photography.


I never knew that I will fall in love with photography. After the workshop, I felt that I was left hanging and wanting for more! I can still remember the feeling of being so passionate in taking photos even when I’m at home. December 2011 came and I was just surfing the net, it was Christmas eve and Imagine Nation announced an Apprenticeship Program. I was very eager in joining and I asked everyone about what would happen if I joined. I was really scared and nervous because of the pressure of knowing that there were other photographers that are more experienced that were also applying, but nonetheless I still tried.

By God’s amazing grace I was included in the Batch 8 of apprentices!


Shout out to Betty Uy and Bill Ti Yu fellow Junior Photographers :D

 Burning with passion, shooting as much as I can, and learning everything on the way was all worth it. I met a lot of people along the way and it also molded me as a better person. Trusting in God’s plan will bring you to where you want to be, and we should always believe in Him.

While I was being taught by mentors, I kept a lot of my photos as an apprentice and I would love to share them to you guys!


incase you don’t know, we also do baby pictorials and look at this cutiepie! :D


We always make sure to capture important LIFE events and at the same time, have fun!


What’s this photo doing here? ohh it’s one of my favorite parts during receptions! haha kidding aside, I also love taking details of parties and events.


Helping out one of Imagine Nation’s Senior Photographer, Madoka. :)


This was one of my faves from my first ever Prenup, look at that sun!

After 8 months I got promoted as one of the Junior Photographers. All the hard work finally paid off! Shooting Weddings, Events, and almost everything under the sun was all worth it!


Entourage shot before the wedding. No peaking! :D

I love taking pictures of almost everything. My photography style is I like taking bright, classic simple photos. I make sure that my subjects will look naturally beautiful in my photos.

36 JMS_8052

I want my couples to shine bright of their love and capture their lovely smiles. :)


I would also like to share my life verse, which always reminds me of all the hardwork that I’ve been through.

Philiipians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.


Let me be there on your special day.   I will do my best to bring my youthful vibe to lift off the stress and problems, and of course, take awesome photos!

With Imagine Nation Photography, you can never go wrong . :)

Incase you want to see more of my portfolio, you can visit my personal website at 

You can also contact me directly at [email protected] for bookings and inquiries. :)

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LOOK HERE: Amazing Grace I was lost.
More than a decade ago, I went to the States to “find” myself. I wanted to run away from the life I had and start anew. I left behind my ex-girlfriend and my 2 month old baby boy. I worked two jobs and I worked hard, but I played around even harder. It was during this time that I really wanted to pursue my photography. Having the means and the time to do so, I bought a DSLR camera and enrolled myself in a photography school. It led me to places I was not supposed to be and to people I was not supposed to be with. But I had 4 years of bible school behind me, backed up by young people I used to minister to and a church that I used to pastor. In my heart, I knew what God wanted me to do. I knew that no matter how far and how long I ran away, He would catch up with me in the end.
 And one day He did. I was jolted back into reality and it dawned upon me that no matter how hard I worked and no matter who I went out with, I was not happy. I was not complete. I was so far away from God and His will that I felt like I was just going around in circles in my life. Five and a half years had passed and that prompted me to think about going home.
 My ex-girlfriend, upon knowing of my plans to return to the Philippines, started scouting for studios where I could work. She made the rounds of bridal fairs and once gathered a handful of flyers from every photography booth she passed by. She sorted through these and upon looking through hundreds, one was set aside: Imagine Nation’s. She sent this to me with the message: “This is where I want you to work.” Now you ask what it was in the booklet that led her to send it to me? It was full of Bible verses you see, and she had the notion that it would help me pursue my dream of becoming a photographer and “fix” my walk with God as well. Alongside this, she had already messaged John Ong, the owner, about his next apprenticeship schedule.
 But I was proud and thought that I could do things on my own. I thought I could put up my own studio and make a name for myself. I never thought I would get into taking photos of the one thing I tried very hard to avoid for the longest time: marriage.
 Fast forward a little,… my son and I were prompted to attend a dad and me camp. During the orientation, we were seated in front of a couple who turned out to be,… you guessed it,… John and Monique Ong. My ex-girlfriend, who was already my wife at that time, nudged me and said, “Do not go home from camp without his number on your phone.” As God would have it, John and I were roommates at camp, so I went home with his number and an offer for a job.  And that is the story of how I got into Imagine Nation. The rest, as they say, is history.
The flyer that started it all,… and my last promotion letter.

The flyer that started it all,… and my last promotion letter.

I started out as an apprentice. Was promoted to junior… to senior … and finally to master photographer. I faced a lot of challenges and opposition along the way. God was working on my character and there were times when I wanted to give up and go back to my old ways. But I heard my calling here, and being in the center of God’s will made everything fall right into place. I found my niche in strobist photography and have since been playing around, not with fire anymore, but with light. God’s amazing grace was with me all this time. This journey is not just about the betterment of my craft, the number of clients I have booked, or the amount of money I have earned. It is about my walk with God, my service to other people and my love for my family.
My family...

My family…

Photography has given me a vast expanse of opportunities only God could have laid out before me. It has brought me to places I have never been to and introduced me to a wide variety of people who share my love and passion for my line of work. It has given me plenty of chances to serve and has always made me want to become a better person, not only for my sake but for the sake of the people around me as well.
God makes weddings beautiful; We only capture them,  say all of Imagine Nation’s photographers. I take pride not in the many couples who choose me to shoot their wedding, but in the number of friends I make along the way. I take pride not only in the beautiful shots the bride and groom get to take home but in the creativity bestowed upon me from above. I take pride not in the mistakes I have committed but in the family that received me for who I am and for what they knew I can become. I take pride in being a part of the Imagine Nation family.
Now I am found.
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Look Here: Snippets in Time Time and practice, as in all things, allows you to become better at what you do. Over the years I’ve learned to direct a lot of my efforts towards this one passion that I have, and over the years, I’d like to think that I’m learning more about myself as I am learning more about other people that come in and out of my life because of this particular passion. I’m Shayla Sanchez and I’m a storyteller and I’ve become better and better at sharing my stories one wedding, one prenup, one shoot at a time.




A storyteller will come in many forms in your lifetime, they come masked as musicians, as painters, as businessmen (believe it!), as teachers — the list goes on, but as for myself, I prefer to tell my stories masked as a photographer. Through the years, my photos have become my voice — they speak for me, they will tell you the stories that can never ever be told by just uttering sentences, uttering words that will never suffice, that will never encompass the beauty that I get to witness and capture in these small snippets of time.


When I tell my stories, I make sure I fade into the background. When you whisper how your day went just when the priest goes down the steps for church communion, or the way you stared at her across the dance floor as she made her way to talk to some of her friends, or yes, the way you took out that cake crumb off his shoulder just before you both drank your wine, I was there, inconspicuously clicking away catching your little moments of magic. Sometimes though, I’ll resurface and make myself felt, I’ll ask a bride to point her toes, or to extend her neck — to make sure she becomes this beautiful ballerina (or princess or deity that she imagined herself to be on her wedding day) that moves effortlessly throughout her day, waking up a little girl’s dream of someday marrying her own Mr. Perfect-for-her, or admired from a distance by her doting father, his little girl officially all grown up. Sometimes my stories will be told through a series of photographs — of one wedding I did, or a place I’ve been to, and sometimes my story will be told in just one photograph. No matter the story, I’ll share it through my photographs, in the hopes that one day, when you turn the page of a story that I told, you’ll be able to walk in the steps of mine or someone else’s once upon a time.


I’m a storyteller. Here is one of my stories.



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LOOK HERE: Let your LIGHT shine! After the cake has been eaten, the wine sipped, the bouquet withered, the dancefloor wobbled and cleared, the guests bid goodbyes and wished you well, and your dress put away, what is left for you to remember are the photographs. Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding because it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Every couple deserves a photographer that will go beyond coverage of the wedding day.  A photographer set apart, will let his photos tell the story.

As a wedding photographer, I define my shooting style as Contemporary Creative. I make the usual posed shots but much more fun and in natural posing style. I make sure to eye for interesting ways to use locations in the setup of a shot and take advantage of the couple’s willingness to create something extra special. I always look for interesting spots to use as a backdrop. I use and create light effects and unusual angles.

I cover everything that this day has to offer, from early morning preparations to the evening dancing spree. I’m very flexible and will do anything to ensure you have a fantastic collection of images to cherish forever.

I’m a believer of building a good relationship with my couples by making them feel that they are family to me. No request is too much.  It’s not every day that you get married, so it’s my responsibility to capture their best moments.

Over the last couple of years, I have found many ways that my camera has helped change the way that I experience life. Imagine Nation Photography opened up my eyes not only to see beautiful subjects but also to see much more meaning in life by knowing our purpose for living.






















For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10 NIV)

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Look Here: Shooting in the Shadows Okay. The title probably doesn’t make any sense if you know me or have seen me in action. I am NOT a quiet guy. I love cracking jokes, and making silly faces, and making people laugh. You probably won’t find me in the shadows during a shoot except, maybe, if I’m secretly eating a sandwich. Hahaha.


Anyway, we’ll get to the shadow part later. Let me share how I started shooting first. Ok? You have no choice. lol.

I first got fascinated with photography during college. See, I had a friend whose dad was a great photographer in Baguio (His friends were too!) and they shared a lot on social media. It was still Multiply back then (I feel so old.) Anyhoo, after being so inspired with their posts, I wanted to create images that would inspire people as well. At first, like many beginners, I simply shot anything and everything that captured my interest. (Mostly macro since the Canon IXUS cameras had amazing digital macro! Lol) but God had a plan for me, he led me to follow an Imagine Nation photographer back then and instilled in me an urge to be able to capture such precious moments of love between couples. Since then, I strived to become an IN photographer as well.

And here I am now. Still trying and doing my best to capture your tears, your laughter, and your love.



So let’s get to my style and what shadows have to do with it, shall we?

I’ve been seeing things a little differently lately. Instead of just looking for good light, my eyes have been constantly looking for good shadows too.




It kinda has that cinematic feel, yes? :)








But I know it’s not for everybody (that’s why I shoot this bright too! Haha!)


This is the direction my photography is going for now. And I would love to capture your Amazingly Beautiful moments during this time of my journey.:)

So shoot me an e-mail or message me if you like what you see!:D


PS. I’m posting a few more below just to make sure you find something you like. LOL!










I love capturing smile and laughter!






and crying people too!















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Look Here: See the World through My Eyes My life’s mission: to let the world see the beauty of God’s creation through my eyes.


In my last semester in college, I enrolled in Introduction to Drawing and Painting class. It was an elective. I remember the professors assigned in the registration teasing me saying I just wanted an easy subject to go with the last subjects of my Management Engineering course. Little did they know that it was here that I would have sleepless nights in order for me to finish the art work. I enjoyed. It was my professor (Brendan Goco) here that encouraged me to attend a photography workshop after graduation. I never stopped shooting since.

11 JAM_6254

I started with a Nikon D70 and a cheap all around lens, Nikkor 28-200mm. I would bring this anywhere. I would shoot all sorts of things and people. This led me to explore what I enjoyed shooting more.

1kids, Manila Cathredal, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

The first lens I bought was a Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8: to capture subjects far from me.



1kids, St. Therese, Darwin Tuazon, Blue Leaf, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

I figured I love capturing fast moving objects. I love the challenge of patiently expecting and getting that split second reaction. I love capturing moments that draws emotions from those who see them. I love capturing the beauty when people just are themselves and forget the world.



2Kids, Watot & Nikki, St. Therese, Crowne Plaza, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

The next lens I bought was a Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8: to capture wide spaces.

wedding photography, manila wedding, indian wedding, marriott hotel, dilip & dimple, wedding ceremony, jamie lihan, imagine nation

I love cinematic shots. It reminds me of the vastness of the creation we are in. And how beautiful it is.

29 JAM_5823


When I shoot, I see things differently. I have this perspective that everything can be beautiful—every little thing. Everything has a story to be told. I anticipate beauty. I recreate beauty. I travel and explore the world, and interpret it the way that I see it.

09 JAM_1488

It is a dream to inspire others to explore photography. I think it is my way of paying it forward. I am grateful to those who pushed me to discover the creative side of me. More importantly, I am grateful to God who gave me these gifts that led me to see the world from a different—mathematical-creative-beautiful—perspective, and to show the world His awesomeness in the simplest things.

Concert, Gospel music, Australian music, Ultra, Pasig, 2010 Citipointe, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation Photography

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LOOK HERE: An Act of Service When I was in college, we took up photography as one of our subjects in UP. It was film based then. For two semesters I enjoyed learning the basics and experimenting with bulb setting, multiple exposures and printing. I looked forward to going to markets and playgrounds to shoot portraits of people. I love going to Hidalgo in Quiapo to buy b&w films, slides, and photo papers. I would go to Vigan with my classmates to shoot churches, vendors, workers, lights and patterns, or anything that caught our interest. I enjoyed spending my afternoons in the darkroom developing the films and printing our negatives on our own. Long nights became exciting as we makeshift studio setups using tungsten lights with black cartolina hood to act  as spotlight. A friend once was able to borrow a printing machine.  So we asked help from our Kuya Danny, our darkroom man, at school for the chemicals needed and we were able to set up a darkroom in their house. It was amazing!  At the end of the semester, I was encouraged by my teacher and classmate that if they will ever need help for a photography project they would get us because they believe in our talent to take pictures. Since then, I knew photography would be something I would like to pursue.

But the Creative world said there was more demand for graphic design than photography. Being a photographer is a freelance task so I chose the stability and benefits of a regular job. I became a hobbyist carrying my camera anywhere I travel and sometimes getting opportunities to shoot for magazines.
Then in 2007,  I heard about Imagine Nation’s apprenticeship program in an egroup. Curious, I attended the meeting, got shortlisted and passed. At that time, I wasn’t sure if want to be a wedding photographer. In my heart I wanted it so I could practice shooting  frequently, or so I thought.  My schedule at publishing company where I was employed became very hectic and shooting was my last priority. Pride got in my way to excel in the program too as some of my batchmates got promoted. Plus the idea of a company requiring its employees to attend Bible studies was absurd to me at that time. Perplexed on what I want, my mentor, John Ong, seemed to notice, and told me to choose and focus on what I want. I quit the program.
I continued to be a hobbyist and moved to Baguio for a year for a teaching post. On my second semester, I started to miss doing photo projects . After all these years, after a few jobs, I still long to be a photographer. One night, as I was eating dinner, Sir John messaged me in chat, just asking how I am. I was surprised that a former boss of mine, after two years or maybe more, would reach out to me out of nowhere. Then I saw in my fb feed photos of old colleagues from Imagine Nation , their gatherings, the changes in the studio, etc., and they seemed to be having fun. I suddenly missed them.
He invited me to attend their meeting.  After an exchange of emails with Sir John, I attended their meeting. I was happy to see old colleagues and friends. So happy to know their new stories, new developments in career, lovelifes and family lives. One friend joked to Sir Jong, “Sir, babalik na daw si Liz!”.  I rode along with the joke as if there’s an opening. He said “None, but for Liz I would.” It wasn’t my intention to go back, but I just let things happen that night. And I’m glad I did.

It’s refreshing to see a bible that looks like it’s actually being used. My bride provided this for their wedding ceremony, and it was a sight! It’s full of post-it notes, highlighted texts, and its cover is even shedding skin. :)

What I learned best from Imagine Nation is service. When you treat work as an act of service, it changes everything. Work becomes more meaningful and purposeful. It becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable. Service extends far from what’s in the contract. Service builds relationships. From getting to know our couples and meeting them, to praying for their wedding day, to holding our bride’s  hands when they are nervous, to making them laugh, to asking how they are after the wedding, or assisting them in their queries after the wedding, and a lot more.
Through service, I learned to love my job. I learned to shoot with a heart, feeling the moments and capturing the story.



Their really first kiss. Faith was supposed to be a nun. For eight months, she entered the convent. But God has another plan for her.



The little best man. :)


Through service, I try to show my couples in their relaxed, natural ways that are sometimes playful.
bryanbernwed56kareen31IMG_8638LIZ_2823 LIZ_7334bryanbern3LIZ_7460LIZ_2911IMG_8582 (1)LIZ_7719ronyjona32 LIZ_5778



Pia met Paul during a biking event. She was a reporter, he was a rider, and he had the most interesting bike, at least to her. So she interviewed him, and the rest is history. :)


At the church of Gesu in Ateneo is where Ferdie proposed to Kat.


Makoy and Gie didn’t have anything in common except for friends, so their friends became their props for their engagement shoot.


This service, I learned, is all for God’s glory, a way of giving back to Him what talent He’s given me; a way to become a blessing to others.
So whether you are getting married soon, or planning to someday, LOOK HERE, we are photographers of substance. WE SHOOT TO SERVE.
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Carlo and Andrea (Video)

Carlo & Andrea SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

From hereon, "I will!"

How wonderful it is when couples are excited for things to come, when they look forward to the things that God has in store for them because of the commitment they make before Him and before man. Marriage is God's design therefore, it is blessed. 

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Look Here: Why We Shoot To Serve mado

Every once in awhile I always find myself asking… “Is this really what I want to do?”

Looking back, during my Production Design major days in college, I used to do short indie films. I love films, how it’s done, from pre-production to post-production. Those were the days when our Photography class was still analog as well, film-based where we use to print our shots in the dark room. It was that challenging and exciting… but my heart wasn’t there at that time.


Came 2007, when I started freelancing as a wedding coordinator. That’s when I first fell in love with weddings. It was like love at first sight. On the side, my then boyfriend now husband, thought of something like an activity or hobby that we can do together, that’s when we joined Photography workshop together. This time, it’s digital. =) We enjoyed photowalks together, street or landscape photography as part of our date nights. It was fun. That’s when I realized that I’m really the type of person who’d love to be behind the camera… from indie films to photography. 268961_245244505501673_100000483753193_1032224_213655_n

(yep, that’s my husband beside me)

Fast forward to October 2010,  Imagine Nation opened their Batch6 apprenticeship program, that’s when I tried my luck. The moment I got in, I told myself, “This is it, this is my calling!” 73529_444895044498_1887013_n

(a throwback photo of batch 6, which I really wanna throw.. that BANGS!:p)

Imagine Nation Madoka Boudoir

When asked about my style, I lean towards chic and sophisticated. I want my bride to shine and feel at her sexiest on her wedding day. Aside from weddings, I also do boudoir- a classy intimate shoot for women done in good taste. Being one of the boudoir dolls, I incorporated this style with my bridal portraits. I just always tell my brides to simply wear their confidence and smile and I will take care of them.Imagine Nation Madoka Boudoir

I also love to capture emotions that only photographs can freeze for a lifetime. After shooting hundreds of weddings I would think I’d be numbed already… but I am one teary-eyed photographer.  For every exchange of heart warming vows, father and daughter dance and mom’s last kiss as her daughter is ushered into married life, I personally get moved.


And who doesn’t love wedding that’s pinterest-worthy, I love details too! But at the end of the day, whatever style one photographer has, how grand or simple the wedding is, I realized that it’s the love story of two individuals that God authored to love and glorify His name that we must capture the most.


Now, going back to my question, “Is this really what I want to do?” Giving a “yes” is easy, but explaining it why, took me hundreds of shoots to realize. When a couple asked me to shoot them from their prenup to her maternity  until she literally gave birth, I was able to pray for them and bless them. Imagine how I’ve witnessed every milestones in their lives through my photography… I once again told myself “this is my calling, Lord!”

Imagine Nation birth photography madoka Tomas

I finally found meaning with the gift that God has blessed me using Imagine Nation. Our mentor, John Mateos Ong, a master photographer to others, but to me, he’s my shepherd who guides me spiritually. Other mentors can easily critique your shots, but this man will definitely correct you with love, would go beyond his means to help your with your personal life even with your marriage.

Imagine Nation isn’t just about the number of bookings, it’s about the number of couples we were able to bless and lead to Christ. Imagine Nation isn’t just about our clients, we’re all about relationships. Imagine Nation isn’t just a photography studio, we’re a family. Look here, THIS IS MY FAMILY.



To God be all the glory!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord not for men”

Colossians 3:23

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Look Here: Sharing the Gift Imagine Nation - Encourage

The one million dollar question you can ask a photographer is “What is your style?” – and I have been asked that quite a number of times already. And more than I could remember, I simply thought of the many well known styles and picked one that suits me most. But sooner than later, I realized that it doesn’t say much.

Imagine Nation - You and Me

Imagine Nation - Run Away

As a photographer, my wish is that my photos will speak for themselves. I wish they would convey enough for the person to know what to expect from me. But let me share the things that I enjoy capturing the most…

Imagine Nation - To Catch or catch or not to catch

Imagine Nation - Clueless 2

Imagine Nation - Hi Ho Hi Ho

Imagine Nation - Innocent Kiss

Life is woven by moments. I am fascinated by how photography has allowed me to catch these little gems in time and allow a person to relive that piece of time over and over again. But what puzzles me is how I am able to be in the right place at the right time.  I thank God for every moment that I am able to catch moments like these.

Imagine Nation - Night Light

Imagine Nation - Everglow

Imagine Nation - Into the Sunset

Imagine Nation - Light Shines

I go crazy when I see beautiful light.  It is like a drug that affects us photographers. I think it is a gift to notice lights, shadows, shades and hues, and how it plays around in everyday life. It is a gift that is meant to be shared.

Imagine Nation - Eyes on the Prize

Imagine Nation - God is the Strength

Imagine Nation - This is us

Photography has been a personal journey, but I don’t want it to be a lonely one. This path has already led me to meet and share the lives of countless people and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love to take beautiful photos. Let that beautiful photo be yours as well by letting me capture you as you, masks off.

Imagine Nation - See you on the other side

Imagine Nation - Holding the wind

Imagine Nation - Emotions Overflow

Imagine Nation - Lovers Arms

I guess my style is not just a fancy word that you find online about photography but more of a threefold purpose. One is to make YOU, my couples happy; second is to make myself happy; and third (and most importantly) is something that is in the heart of every Imagine Nation photographer, which is to make God happy. This is why I usually put this bible verse at the start of each onsite slideshow:

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Have a great day!

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Look Here: Learn to Live for the Moment Look Here: Learn to Live for the MomentIMG_2745 (1)

There was a girl, she was camera shy. She hated photos of herself, thus, the dislike of being in front of the camera. As early as 5 years old, she grew a fondness of being behind the lens. With her mother’s point and shoot film camera, she would try to shoot one shot, whenever her mother would allow her. It meant nothing to her then.


Years later, the digital camera was invented, she was one of the first to have it in school, although technically, it wasn’t hers. She took it out at often as she could, took photos of her friends, of school events, of  the sky, of flowers and of random things she would see. It made her happy… until the camera was stolen on her graduation day.

She lived her university days without a camera to shoot with, it was okay, but the yearning to shoot was in her heart. So upon graduation, she put together all her saved money and she bought herself a digital SLR. She felt ecstatic and guilty at the same time. Guilty because it cost so much, ecstatic because she has wanted to have her own camera for the longest time.


The camera became her best friend, she went everywhere with it. She met people, she encountered people, she watched people and captured their moments. These people taught her new things, not only about photography, but also about life.

170826_490755742997_6152459_oShe got a job that required a lot of her time, photography was put aside. People knew that her heart longed to be out there, but in her head, it wasn’t time, she wasn’t ready. Workshops and apprenticeship programs opened, but she had other priorities. She let them pass, she stayed where she was, until her heart could bear it no more.


Truth is, she was just tired. She wanted to get away from the plastic world, the never ending meetings, the hours in the office staring at the computer doing nothing. She didn’t know she was being called out to do what her heart has always sought after.


Today, her heart is grateful and she is happy. Although it took almost 2 decades to get where she is now. It wasn’t such a waste of time because she realized that she had to be where she went through so she would learn, so she would be molded, so she would be ready.

look here learn-2

The Lord has led her to certain fields, to certain places, each encounter changing her to become a better version of herself. So, to this day, she lives life without regrets, knowing that each heartache is essential to the next happiness she would experience.

look here learn-3

Sometimes, she wishes she could be a spectator to her own life, be able to capture those moments of laughter, of joy, of tears, of wonder… to freeze those emotions like a time capsule and put them up in a frame, where she would be reminded of how God is good and life is beautiful. However, life is meant to be lived in reality and what she cannot do for herself, she has decided to do for others.

look here learn-1

Smiles are what energize her whenever she goes out and shoot. The sweetness of the man to the woman, the love of the father to his child, the way a mother cares for her baby, how friends rejoice with a couple in their joyous occasion… she revels in these bits of life, which God allows man to enjoy.

In her head, every happy moment should be captured, every emotional time should be caught. She catches herself smile, whenever she would see moments of laughter. She would giggle to herself, whenever she’d witness adorable kids making funny faces. She finds herself tearing up inside, whenever a tear jerking moment is right before her eyes. Then she goes home, and hopes in her heart that these people, who she took shots of will see the wondrous joy of life and the greatness of God in her photos.

Look Here: Learn to Live for the Moment

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Regi and Leny (Video)

Regi & Leny SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Love finds you right where you are.

The future is not a bed of roses and no one knows what it holds. But when God is in the center of a marriage, everything can be beautiful.  You do not have to look far to find love. You do not even have to look. For love finds you right where you are. 

Venue: Hyatt | San Sebastian | Hyatt
Videographers: Jojo, Angelo, and Rael
Onsite Editor: Kris Salta
Music: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

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John and Joyce (Video)

JOHN & JOYCE SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyes of this couple are sparkling with happiness. The part where these two fall in love is very clear. There was so much laughter during this wedding, it almost hurt. The smiles on everybody's faces are so contagious, they are a testament to the kind of people John and Joyce are. 

Venue: Century Park | CBCP Parish | Century Seafood
Men behind the camera: Eriq, Rael, and Mark
Onsite Editor: Andrea
SDE Song: Make You Mine by Us the Duo, Latch

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Look here: a look at the past Decades ago, there was a kid who loved photography.  He was amazed at how things, memories and faces could be frozen in time in a 2 dimensional medium.  Unfortunately, his parents did not have money to buy him a camera so he set that passion aside and resorted to other things – drawing, selling and making music to name a few.  He did not realize though that so much time had passed and what was set aside was now buried and forgotten.
From time to time, the passion for photography would manifest itself. During his grade school graduation, he asked for a kodak disc camera.  Even if it did not take good pictures, he took it with him everywhere he went. Whenever possible, he would burn film.  Eventually, the disc film became too expensive (and obsolete) and so the passion died again.  In college, he met people who were taking photography as part of their course.  He would borrow their cameras whenever possible and during his wedding, he even made an agreement with his wife that the first thing they would buy from the wedding money was an SLR camera.  So out came the EOS 888 camera.
In the year 2000, while doing corporate event management, he got inspired by Mike Miranda, a photographer who was hired by their company. He bought his first Nikon F60 camera and not long after, upgraded to an F80 and then an F100. He went under the tutelage of Master Photographer Jo Avila. His  first year was spent strictly as an assistant whose job was to clean lenses, hold flashes and to follow the photographer wherever he went. Then eventually, he got the chance to shoot as a back-up.
Eventually, people were calling left and right to invite him to birthday parties, baptism and weddings;  even people he did not know. He was expected to shoot and that was the time he came to his senses and decided it was time to turn his passion into a business.  So in 2003, he sold all his shares in the events company and concentrated on photography.
 That person was me. For years, I tried to contain the passion God placed in my heart but it kept coming back. God does not expect everyone to know how to shoot, but for those who He gifted with the ability to see things in a special way, He will someday ask you what you did to the gift He gave you.
In 2006, with all the accolades and awards given to me, I discovered that passion was not enough. To use the gifts God gave me was just the beginning of everything.  There is also a reason why God gave me this gift, which is my true purpose.  The Lord made it clear to me that I will use photography to share the love of Jesus to many.
From using the name John Mateos Ong, I began using the company name “Imagine Nation” more.  I coined the name because it was a group or nation of people who loved to imagine, pre-visualize and turn ordinary things into beautiful works of art in Jesus’ name. I envisioned it to be the modern day “renaissance artist” who declared the glory of God in every art that we do.
I also wanted to impart the teachings of Jesus specifically in the field or art by creating an apprenticeship program to mentor and help bring out the gifts of people in photography.
To date, there are 10 batches all in all, more often than not composed of around 12 people.   These people walk with me and share with my purpose. This is a purpose that surpasses simply making money and creating great pictures. It is to share Jesus to everyone we meet.
This journey has been an amazing one.  For the past 12 years, I have given my life to these photographers who the Lord gave to me.
I have witnessed them start their career in photography. I have witnessed their  love story unfold and many of them chose me to become their godparent in marriage.  I have consoled with them when their loved ones passed away. I had the privilege of praying for them when they were down or sick.  I had the honor to bid  some of them farewell in their last few breaths on earth. Now this indeed is more than photography! The Lord has allowed my gifting to touch lives. I am glad I said “yes” to this calling. It has changed my life and I pray I have been an instrument in changing others’ lives as well.
Missing Gerdie. One of our Photographers that went ahead to meet our Creator.

Missing Gerdie. One of our Photographers that went ahead to meet our Creator.

So how do you know you are doing His purpose?
First … Doing it energizes you rather than drains you. So if it is  in you, do not stop learning and being excellent in what you do.
Second… People give you the feedback that you are doing great.  This positive affirmation is a confirmation of  your gifting.
Lastly,… You feel God smiling at you with what you are doing. You know that you glorify His Name whenever you do his purpose. It will not be about you. It will always be about Jesus.
So if you are in a search for something more,… if you feel you need a dose of hope, inspiration and finding His purpose, Look Here. Our pictures will reflect stories of miracles, love and the promises of God.  You do not have to look far.  Look Here.
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Long Distance Relationship: Commitment Despite the Distance 1Natty_Pat,edinburgh,prenup_destination,destination_photographer,wedding_photography,engagement_shoot,e-session,imagine_nation_photography,jamie_lihan

We were a few months into our relationship when I moved to London to work. We committed then that we would give it a shot, and that if it didn’t work out in the first few months then we would part amicably.  If it did work out, we decided to at most two years apart, after which we would do everything in our power to be together.


What happened next, while unique in detail, is at its very core your basic love story plot.

The Honeymoon

This part was the most difficult. I was so used to being with Nat, and now, in this strange new land, I wasn’t only without Nat, but was also without… anyone. I needed her; I felt incomplete without her. I missed her terribly everyday. The nights were the worst; breakdowns were not uncommon. We’d Skype every chance we get, which was much more taxing for Nat than for me – she’d stay up until 3am just so we had ample time to be together. We’d go on dinner dates (here, try this…), we’d watch movies together (ready, 1, 2, 3… play!), we’d even sleep beside each other (I was always on the right side of the bed – very important as you don’t want to be upside down), all through Skype.

3 Natty_Pat,London,UK,prenup,e-session,engagement_shoot,destination_wedding,wedding_photography,imagine_nation,jamie_lihan

Funny enough, this was the easiest part.  As hard as our setup was, breaking up would have been infinitely harder. We wanted to stay together. The fire was strong and the commitment so alive in our hearts that no one could have convinced us to do otherwise.


The Reality Check

Six months on, things started to sink in. We were apart, in space (10,700 km.) and in time (8 hours). Our social lives were dying, and Nat’s sleeping patterns weren’t sustainable. We realised we were letting our individual lives slip away. So we started accommodating more of “life” into our schedules, which meant much less time together. We learned to appreciate life on our own, which actually wasn’t so bad.


As a result though, the relationship became a lot more turbulent. We were tested often. One year on, we had to decide what we really wanted out of this.

The Commitment

This point was the real commitment. Before I left, we had no idea what lay ahead, but at this point, we knew. We knew what we were signing up for – distance, miscommunication (and lots of it), bouts of depression, separate lives. Trust was paramount at this stage – in God, that He is forever there to whisper in our ear when it gets tough, in Nat, that she will hang on despite the hardships, and in myself, that I will have the strength and patience to love Nat just enough to let her live her life as she lets me live mine.

8 Natty_Pat,edinburgh,prenup_destination,destination_photographer,wedding_photography,engagement_shoot,e-session,imagine_nation_photography,jamie_lihan

As cliche as it sounds, the experience has indeed made us stronger. For my part, I now deeply appreciate every single moment we spend together (and the abundance of such hasn’t diluted my feelings one bit). More importantly, I now deeply appreciate her individuality – we respect each other as individuals with different passions and aspirations. I still need her, but no longer in a you-complete-me way, but rather in a you-make-me-so-much-better way.


Given the chance, would we have changed the situation? Honestly, I don’t think it even matters. It would have worked out either way. The details are just that, details. At its very core, it would have been a classic love story regardless, where trust – in myself, in Nat, and in God – is paramount.



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Seeking Love in the Right Place Seeking Love in the Right Place


We all were once a child, selfish and mindful only of what we want and what we need. But like everyone else, we all have to grow up. We have to learn to be responsible for our emotions, thoughts and actions. Many would love to slack off and hold as long as they can being cared for,  being loved unconditionally and  provided for. The reality strikes that we cannot remain as children…

wedding enderun alfred and magic-147

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.”

fernbrooks prenup steve and monica-4
Many of us do not really know where to start or how to start, in fact, I have read 1 Corinthians 13 probably over a hundred times and without truly understanding what it really meant. It was until I was tested that I realized its true meaning.

dino carla prenup-5

I thought I knew love and I thought I gave love, but the reality of it was that I was looking for gratification by pretending to love.

Looking back in my life, there are 2 things  I’ve found to be enlightening, that I would like to share:

1. Love is not Self-seeking

My perspective of love and life changed when I read the book Rachel’s Tears. It was the story of Rachel and the other Columbian martyrs who were shot dead in school. Rachel was a teenager. She was a christian who loved music and doodled in her free time. She was a lot of other things but what I found interesting and different about her was that she loved outsiders (people who didn’t fit in school, the uncool, the weirdos). She didn’t expect people to make her feel special, rather, it was her goal in life to make others feel significant. I tried to think the way she thought after reading the book. It was at a time when I was heartbroken from a failed relationship. I was feeling very low but was surprised to find joy in myself by making the conscious effort of making people around me feel special. It also made moving on a whole lot easier.

wedding enderun alfred and magic-117

2. Seek Love from God and no one else

I have caught myself disappointed and frustrated in seeking love from family,  friends, boyfriends,  church,  society and the world. I guess, every man is created hungry for love. My greatest discovery is that no one could fill that void unless it is filled by God first. I have seen people leave, throw away good friendship, backstab me to my face and come back as if nothing happened. It saddens me, but I’ve learned through the years that there is no one on earth I can fully depend on, except for one and that is God. He is the only one who can love us like no one else, make us feel special like no one else, the one who can fill our empty soul. And the more we are filled with His love, then we can overflow to others. When we expect nothing from man and learn to give them love instead of asking it from them, then, we feel loved and fulfilled.
ricky and boom-2
I thank God for the hurtful and sad experiences that I went through. It was in these times that I learned much and grew the most in the area of love. This was the time that I learned to seek love from the source of Love, Jesus Christ.  You too can seek for it and God’s promise is that you will find it – in HIM.

Seeking Love in the Right Place
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DEAR LITTLE ONE | A VISUAL LOVE LETTER All children will grow up and become adults. Our sons and daughters, will become fathers and mothers. Our little ones will experience life. Success and heartbreak. Every joy and every pain everyone of us have already experienced. This is why as parents we always feel this responsibility to protect our children. Do the best we can in order for them to have a better life. If possible, we will build a bomb shelter for them, just to keep them away from harm. Put every child proofing devices in our house so they wont get hurt. And sometimes we even think, “if I could only bring them everywhere I go”, like a tiny doll that we can fit in our pockets. But we parents should let go of that crazy idea that we can “always be with” them or we can “always be there” for them. We can’t. It’s not physically possible. The only thing we can really do for them is to accept the fact that eventually they will have to face life without us. Encourage them to do the things they want to do (as long as it’s good for them!) and give them a good advice about life. So, I guess, this is why I made this visual love letter. And the best advice I know that I can give to my daughter, is for her to know and always remember that God loves her more than I or anybody can ever love her. That God is the only one who can actually be there for her at all times, as long as she holds Him close to her heart always. And I pray that this is the same advice she will give her children someday.

Proverbs 22:6 – Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Dear little oneTodaybut sometimesnever worry

 (Matthew 6:25-34)

dont look farDear little one 06 

(1 Chronicles 16:11)

Dear little one 07Dear little one 08

(Romans 8: 37-39)

Dear little one 09

(Joshua 1:6)

Dear little one 10Dear little one 11

(Proverbs 28:1)

Dear little one 12

(Ephesians 6:14)

Dear little one 13

(John 15:11)

Dear little one 14Dear little one 15Dear little one 16Dear little one 17

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

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Being Accountable is Being Loved As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17


What score would you give if I asked you to rate your marriage or relationship from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest?

Are you doing everything in your power to keep your marriage in tip-top shape?

We are blessed to have a group of friends who we meet at least once or twice a month specifically for this purpose. To rate our marriages, see how our spouses are doing, talk about the goings-on in our lives, our children, and everything else in between that we deem worthy. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and are all  praise for jobs well done. Yet we take our masks off and let our guards down, in the hope of learning something from each other’s mistakes too. There is a circle of trust and confidentiality that is understood by everyone. So we laugh during dinner and cry during dessert. We are crazy like that.


Prior to their wedding,  a couple goes through the tiniest details with every inch of scrutiny.  Everything must turn out perfect.  But somehow, I cannot help but ask if they took the time to ponder the people they choose as principal and secondary sponsors, as well as their best man and maid of honour. Why? Because these are the people who are going to embark with you in your new journey and help you walk the long haul. So many couples miss out on this one and choose for the poorest reasons. I know of couples that put certain people as their godparents because they are their parents’ friends, because of the position they carry and because of the money they can get as gifts.  It is my prayer that couples choose wisely because this is your life line in your marriage life.

Here are my criteria for people that should be part of our backend marriage structure:

1. We have to be willing to be honest and open to them with every marriage issue that comes our way.

2.We have to be able to count on them to pick us up when we are stuck in a rut and help us with whatever difficulty we are experiencing.

3.We have to make sure they will give us godly advice that will lift us up and not tell us anything that will destroy our union.

4.We also need pats on the back from them during the good times as well as a shoulder to cry on when the hard times come along.


Couples should have at least one or two people with whom they can bare their heart and soul to. Sometimes, we listen but do not hear. And sometimes, it takes another person to make us understand what is really being said by our partner. It takes courage to stand up to us when we are really in the wrong and only people who love us can and will do just that. I believe our couples accountability group is heaven-sent. We have only known each other for a few years yet we feel it has been a lifetime. We are not afraid to say anything and everything, and we accept wholeheartedly, suggestions on how to make us, our family and our marriage better.


Accountability should be done in love.  There can be no accountability without it, lest it turns into mere story-telling and does more harm than good. I look forward to our couple meetings because I know that although we think our marriage is already good as it is, it can be better.  I work hard to get a “high rating,” not because I want to impress but because I love to serve. It feels good to be affirmed and at the same time, it is also heartening to know how I can improve, as a partner, as a parent and as a person.


I praise God every time for sending us our own couples accountability group. I did not have to look far. They were already there. I sometimes ask myself why I am in the middle of all of them and I only have one answer:  love. They are not perfect, but we complement each other.

On an end note, here is something from Steve Maraboli:  If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck; and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly. I love these guys.


Our couples accountability group.

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A Letter to My First Love JAM_6986

The Tale of the Unsent Mails

It was time. You had to leave. I had to stay behind. I did not question. It was heartbreaking to see you go, but at that moment, I understood.

Days after, I chanced upon a draft you left in your email. You weren’t able to send it.

I have been wanting to compose this since before your birthday but never had the time nor opportunity.

We are definitely not an expressive family though I think we should try to be.


I love you very, very much. I know you know that because love can be expressed in so many ways.

I am so proud of the person you have become. You have given me so much support in every possible way. You have given me courage and strength during this most difficult stage of my personal life. You have become my guidance counselor…not that I am complaining because it makes me happy and proud.

I know I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. God must love me so much to have given me such an ultimately beautiful blessing. I know that God will continue to give you and Marc a lot of beautiful blessings as He knows you two are most precious and important to me.


Then my eyes teared up. I thought to myself…I didn’t even get the chance to reply while you were here..

Of course, I know you do.. And I love you too.

You brought me into this world. You fed me, bathed me, clothed me. You held me, hugged and kissed me. You calmed my cries. You sang me lullabies to sleep. You took care of me.

You taught me. You disciplined me (without spanking).

You made sure we always had oatmeal for breakfast. You brought us to school and fetched us after. I’m not sure how you did it since you weren’t your own boss. But everyday, you were there…from nursery to college.

You didn’t always give what we wanted. But you taught us what we need to know. You taught us right from wrong. You told us to do our best in all things. You reminded us to stay humble.

You supported my career decisions from college to work. You didn’t mind that I wanted to pursue photography, even if it was unconventional and that my course had nothing to do with it. You supported me because I was happy.


Your whole life is an expression of love unconditional…of God’s love. You started loving me since I had life. And it never stopped. Not even when you had cancer.

You wanted everyone to go on with life, as you faced the world strong still, with God by your side. Never did you cry for this cancer. Not for the pain that you sometimes felt nor for how weak your body was becoming. Not even when I cried and couldn’t stay strong for you. You kept strong for me.


The only time tears ran down your eyes when you were about to go. You must have been thinking about us. I had a wedding shoot that day and wasn’t supposed to be in the hospital. God is good (always). He led me to visit you before my shoot. You couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. You endured total physical weakness for that last meet.


You saw me.

You heard Marc’s voice.

And it was enough.

At first, I couldn’t imagine life without you. But by God’s grace and faithfulness, life has been good. It has been two years already. And I can only be grateful.


I know I am so blessed to have you as my mother. God must love me so much to have given me such an ultimately beautiful blessing. I know that God will continue to keep you in His arms as He knows you are my first love.

Happy two years in heaven, Mama!



P.S. I trust God will find a way to let you get this unsent mail 😉 I miss you! But I know you’re happy where you are now :)


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Accessory to Love I LOVE SINGING.

Even before discovering my love for photography, I’ve been in love with singing. Singing gives me a window to express myself. I started singing in front of crowds during high school. At first, it was just something my teacher talked me into doing. But after a few programs, I started to love the thought of singing in front of a crowd. Honestly speaking, what made me love it was the praise I got from the people after singing. People would tell me how good I was and I’d let the butterflies fly around my tummy.


Things were like this for a couple of years until a friend of mine asked me to sing on her debut.  The usual program went on and I finally had the spotlight on me during the father-daughter dance. That moment, though, was different.  It gave me a view not of myself but the love of a father and daughter. While I was singing, I looked at my friend and her father and realized this was a magical moment between them. This was a whole new window that opened for me.  My love for music and singing are now for a higher purpose.  God uses me as an accessory to make life events like these more special.

BIL_0072“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23

Photography is not entirely a different story.  This window gave me another outlet for my expression and appreciation for the arts. So I applied for an apprenticeship under Imagine Nation last 2012 with those simple thoughts in mind. I wanted to contribute to the couples’ special moments.  When I capture photos, the songs that I sing, play significantly in the photos that I take. Photos are like telling stories and very much like songs – it is rolled with emotions of joy, love and excitement.  I want to be there to tell or even sing their love story.  I am once again an accessory not just to record a life masterpiece but to be able to glorify God through the photos I take.

BIL_4607 - Copy



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Love Overcomes Cultural Differences Joey and I met through a business community and became good friends. We got along really well inspite of the race and a 10-year age difference. More than a year after we became friends, we became a couple. We had good intentions about each other but didnít know how to discern God’s will for our life then. We were both busy growing our businesses and were serious about each other but at the same time, we felt an insurmountable obstacle before us: getting my parents’ blessing.

1 377903_10150364078535904_1435845325_n

As our relationship matured, our personal relationship with Jesus Christ also deepened. We became members of a Bible-teaching church, joined a small group that studied God’s word together, and started serving in little ways in the church and in our business circle. We took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about each other, pray for each other, be accountable to each other. We realized it was more critical that we work more on our personal relationship with God, rather than focus on what we want or expect from each other. Our relationship grew into years, with no sign of approval from my parents. We understood their concern but at the same time, I didn’t want to give up on our relationship. One of the major reasons why I decided to stay with Joey was because I saw that he was hungry and taking personal responsibility to develop his relationship with God and I said to myself, this is a man who will not take me away from God but will lead me closer to Him.

I even remember when we celebrated one anniversary, he gave me flowers and he added an extra flower to say that next year, we will be married but it didnt happen. We were serving the Lord cheerfully but there was a part of me that kept asking God, “Lord, when? I’m already 35. It’s been 5 years.” Then in Feb 2010, Joey got confirmation from the Lord to propose to me. He brought me to the Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival, secured the “Heart Balloon” (appropriate since that’s what we called each other), and as we floated 400 feet up in the air, he asked me to marry him. I said yes of course.

We thought that it would get the ball rolling on the side of my parents, it didn’t. We continued praying to God and asking for Him to change the heart of my parents. When people would ask or joke about Joey and i getting married, they would really see my attitude change to negative or hopeless. It just really seemed impossible. Some people even suggested that Joey and I elope since we were grownups and can make our own decisions. But Joey and I really wanted to glorify God and honor my parents by waiting for their blessing.

2 302465_10150364079875904_346105064_n

And then, a year after Joey proposed, God moved as He taught us how to pray for our request. My mother suddenly asked about Joey and from there, came the first meeting. Two months after, Joey and I sought our individual Scriptural confirmation that we should move forward with wedding preparations. Joeyís confirmation verse for the wedding: Ephesians 2:14 “For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,ì My confirmation verse for the wedding: Isaiah 25:6 “In Jerusalem, the Lord of Heavenís Armies will spread a wonderful feast for all the people of the world. It will be a delicious banquet with clear, well-aged wine and choice meat.”

3 383628_10150364080100904_795022260_n

We didn’t have everything planned and ready but having God’s promises gave us the courage to step out in faith. Joey then asked for my parents’ permission for us to get married and they said yes. Then God just continued to reveal Himself to us in both spectacular and simple ways as He worked with us for the wedding preparations. Provisions of all kinds came, from everywhere; and we were just so grateful to God for all that He did and was doing. So on November 24, 2011, after waiting a total of 8 years, we got married. We had 550 guests, more than half of which were guests of my parents. It was an amazing day, thanks also to Imagine Nation’s (plugging!) Jamie Lihan, Shayla Sanchez, and Danielle Tan. They even prayed for us before the wedding started, while we were getting ready for the day.

4 303700_10150364081435904_158997648_n

A friend told us early on, that you experience a different kind of blessing when you get married and we couldn’t understand it, until we were married. All we can do is marvel at how filling our relationships are becoming, not only with each other but also with Joey and my parents and me with Joey’s family. We shudder at the thought of what if we had shortcut God’s will and timing in our relationship? What if we had gone ahead of Him? We would’ve missed all these blessings and life would’ve been so different, and we mean different in a negative way. We encourage couples: choose obedience to God’s words over your own wisdom and desires. Exodus 20:12 says “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you. ”

5 310863_10150364081600904_1294564568_n

“Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to Him. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.” — Psalm 128:1-2

6 389548_10150364081985904_550431029_n

Oh, and two to three weeks after the wedding, we were already pregnant!

~~~~ Joey & Liza Magtibay

7 320516_10150363257625904_102734100_n

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Honoring From a Parent to His Parent… My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.  Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, the will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. Proverbs 6: 20-22


Time does flies.  Looking back – 2014 till the present has been a series of milestones for me.  I got married to my beautiful wife.  We were blessed to have our bundle of joy, our daughter and my career in photography took off.  It has been such an adventure and I have so much to be thankful for.  But I also realized that I would not be where I am without the guidance and love of my parents.


You will never realize the importance of your parents until you become one yourself.  Entering into parenthood made me look forward to seeing my parents more.

The only time we see them is when we visit during weekends. This is also the time when they can see their “favorite apo,” my daughter.  I value every advise that are timely for the season I am in as a parent.  I also value how they love each other even at their old age.   Its amazing how my parents show affection to each other.  Dad can throw a lot of “hugot” lines; so does mom! I can see their love for and contentment with each other. I learned that if they keep their marriage strong, its gives a big impact to their children. It has pushed me to be a better husband and good father.

When you realize their importance, it’s a sober reminder that they are not getting any younger. No doubt, getting old happens to everyone. These thoughts make me sentimental. I grew up seeing my parents as invincible. My dad worked really hard in the ship in order to provide for our daily necessities. My mom was always there to make sure our needs are attended to. They make sure we know we are loved.

They have always looked the same to me–lively, tireless, and young. Always! But now, they both have white hair. They have wrinkles on their faces. They have become more emotional lately.

They are now both in their mid-50s.  These two have been the solid rock and foundation of my life. I simply cannot imagine without breaking down into tears…a world without them! I am not ready! They have always been there. Whenever I need guidance and sympathy, I always know that they are just one call away. I would not know what to do when I can no longer talk with them. Yet it’s a reality that I need to remind myself.

So I came up with a list. My “things-to-do” with my parents:

–       Spend more quality time

–       Ask about their life experiences and the lessons learned which for sure will be helpful to me

–       Tell them how much I love them and what they mean to me while they are still here to hear it in person

–       Hug and kiss them

This is just a simple reminder to everyone. LIFE IS SHORT. Any of us could lose our parents any time. Express your love and appreciation for them. Do not wait before it’s too late!


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Love, Batanes LIZ_1938

Travel always teaches me something. Whenever I go home from a trip, I bring back realizations, smiles, treasures–a knowledge which can’t be found in any guidebook. I came to Batanes for an engagement shoot and a wedding. In a week of work/vacation in this very simple, charming, breathtaking province, I found love in a lot of forms. Love for nature and conservation, love for culture, love for self, for neighbors, families, friends, love for God. It has reminded me to appreciate the simplest of things. I have taken many things for granted because of the distraction of the city and materialism. My experience was a perfect testament of Mies Van de Rohe’s “Less is more.”

We got less favorable weather during the wedding. Rain and winds welcomed our day. But it didn’t stop our bride from marching up the church. Our couple had only 29 guests, but there was warmth of a thousand. We got less signal and no wifi, but it led us to get to know new friends and clients. The couple didn’t have any program for the reception or the usual traditions (except for the cake cutting and toasting), but it was alive and far from boring. A lot of it were impromptu. There were laughters, story-tellings, (and with good food too); an ambiance that felt like a casual happy family reunion.








My couple, Joseph and Tanj, were travel buddies. Though they both understood they were just friends, those close to them knew they were gonna end up together.









Initially they thought of getting married in New Zealand,  elopement type. But they thought it would be better to share their wedding with their very close families and friends. And there’s no other local place that’s closer to the mountainous image of New Zealand than Batanes.

A lot of people didn’t actually know the full story how they got together so they’ve prepared a storybook (and at the same time a guestbook) of how it happened. The couple had a storytelling session with their guests!






No wedding is perfect. Forecast said it would be sunny just like the day before. But at 5am of Jan 31,  we woke up hearing raindrops on the roof. I thought, of all days, why now? Worry came out naturally to all of us, especially to Tanj. But these times do happen to remind us to hold on to God. I, especially, was reminded of it.

I usually pray for my couples by myself before a wedding. But never would I dare to pray in front of everyone. But as I saw my bride worried sick about the weather, her gown, her walk and her guests, my co-photographer thought of praying with everyone in the room. And we did. Tanj was thankful for the prayer. It helped everyone calm down as well. I realized that it doesn’t hurt to share your prayers to people.  It blessed us as well to know that we were able to help alleviate stress in our little ways. This reminded me of one of my December wedding in Tagaytay. The traffic was crazy and everyone including the priest was late. The priest said that the imperfections of a wedding is but a glimpse of the much bigger imperfections of a marriage. Thats why a ring is the very symbol of marriage. Its  the symbol of a never-ending God, the very reminder to keep Him at the center of the relationship.


In the afternoon, the weather became better, rain turned to drizzle, and for while, it stopped and we were able to shoot outside. :)
LIZ_4846LIZ_4903 LIZ_4932

Thank you Batanes.  You made me appreciate  love in a different way.  Not in the grandeur but in its simplicity.  Experiencing peace not in worrying but in much prayer.  Being a witness to  pure joy and love much like that of Joseph and Tanj’s wedding.  Batanes charm gave us a love that is contagious.  Love in the unexpected and even when the rains pour.

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#LoveTreat Photo Trivia DAY 3 Its our 3rd Day and were still in #LoveTreat Fever.  As promised all you have to do is guess which Imagine Nation photographer took the shot and for this day – who is the make up artist!








We heart weddings. We want to hear from you.

Post your answers here. Winning answer gets 2 Tickets to Into the Woods Musical at BGC which is by the way, sold out for their first season of the show. They are actually running the play in a real living tree. There has been so much rave about this play.


So we love you guys and we want you to date you in this event.  So go ahead guess as much as you can.

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When Love Dares… I’m a sucker for self-help books such as  “The Happiness Project,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Why Men Love Bitches” and the likes… Being the control-freak, I always tend to follow guidelines…  The first month of January’s Happiness Project  was to:

Go to sleep earlier

Exercise better

Toss, restore, organize

Tackle a nagging task

Act more energetic

Frankly speaking, it’s easier doing it for yourself. YOURSELF.

Why am I saying this? Last year, right after my first year of marriage, I thought of reading the “The Love Dares: 40 Dares” ebook, inspired by the movie “Fireproof” . I challenged myself to do the 40-day love dares for my husband without him knowing.

Caleruega churh

Day 1 started with Love is Patient

“Be completely humble and gentle; be
patient, bearing with one another in love.”
Ephesians 4:2
The dare tasked me to demonstrate patience by saying nothing negative to my husband.
Sometimes girls (our hormones) have a tendency to say something that we end up regretting. Day 1 was really a struggle because I used to always nag my husband even with simplest matter as to which restaurant to eat. So that day, we were already late for an event, then while on the road, he said that we need to go back because he left his wallet. I felt like scolding him!!! But I held my tongue. Whew. Rather than being my usual demanding self, the Holy Spirit helped me settle down and show compassion. Love indeed will inspire you to become a patient spouse.
Day 2 is Love is Kind
“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted,
forgiving each other, just as God in
Christ also has forgiven you.”
Ephesians 4:32
Day 2 dared me to do at least one unexpected gesture as an act of kindness.
The house helper is usually the one who prepares our morning breakfast.  That day, I woke up early and  decided to Google unique breakfast in bed ideas. With much confidence,  I made him breakfast. He was pleasantly surprised when he woke up :).  But what’s good with these love dare series is that you have to still continue (of course) your first day and so on.
Day 3 is Love is not selfish
“Be devoted to one another in brotherly
love; give preference to one another in
Romans 12:10
For the third day, along with saying nothing negative to my husband, the dare was to buy him something that says, “I was thinking of you today.”
I met my friends that day in the mall, and thought of buying him new set of briefs in red, pink and purple. Not that grand though but I set aside my shopping spree for a little gesture of selflessness. You know, sacrificing a pair of stilettos for a set of briefs. When he received it, he was super happy and feeling extra romantic at the same time.
Day 4 is Love is thoughtful
“How precious also are Your thoughts to
me. . . .How vast is the sum of them! If I
should count them, they would
outnumber the sand.”
Psalm 139:17
The 4th dare was, contact your spouse sometime during the business of the day. Have no agenda other than asking how he or she is doing and if there is anything you could do for them.
Normally, after marriage, we take for granted the little actions to be thoughtful with each other. I am guilty of that. It was a great feeling when I called him during his working hours just to say.. “Wala lang, I just miss you” and butterflies started flying again in my tummy. Sometimes it takes just a little gesture to bring back the spark. For husbands, never stop pursuing your wife. And always look at our husbands the way we looked at them on our first dates.
Day 5 is Love is not rude
“He who blesses his friend with a loud
voice early in the morning, it will be
reckoned a curse to him.”
Proverbs 27:14

Fifth day, fifth dare. Ask your spouse to tell you three things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do so without attacking them or justifying your behavior. This is from their perspective only.

I told myself this is easy. So I asked him. And my ears couldn’t believe what I just heard. In denial maybe? Selfishness? I knew deep inside I was a nagger, but hearing it straight from his mouth was so hurtful. He asked me to always say it nicely, when I want something instead of nagging him. He said he will do it anyway. The dare required three things, but he’s just on his first thing, and I easily snapped again. Instead of humbling my heart and accepting it, I started justifying it and ended up with an argument, which defeats the purpose of the dare. We, women, needs affection, let’s always be reminded that our husbands need respect.
… And just like any other humans… I fail. Yes, I failed on the 5th dare. Remember my introduction, it’s easier doing it for yourself… and it takes a lot of LOVE… unconditional love when you do it for others or in this case for your better half. And just like all the marriages, we’re a work in progress.
I’d like to share with you the guiding principles to practice etiquette in your marriage that I learned from the ebook.

1. Guard the Golden Rule. Treat your mate the same way you want to be treated.

2. No double standards. Be as considerate to your spouse as you are to strangers and coworkers.

3. Honor requests. Consider what your husband or wife already asked you to do or not do. If in doubt, then ask.


What I’ve learned? No self-help books can perfect you and your marriage. Marriage is hard work. It should be a constant love dare. Yes, there will be days that I will fail. But I am anchoring my marriage on a rock that will never fail… Jesus. The Lord gives me the courage and faithfulness to be the wife He calls me out to be. And I’m fortunate and glad as well to be in the industry where I’m always reminded of the imperfect beauty of marriage through God’s word, priests/ pastors homily, godparents’ advice and the testimony of each couple that I was able to shoot and serve.
[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Wed, 11 Feb 2015 10:25:00 GMT
LOVE – A Perspective from a Newbie Husband WHAT IS LOVE?


What is Love

What is Love?


I wouldn’t really understand the meaning of love then, and even now I wouldn’t really boast that I fully know what it is. But I do know that it is something you learn as you live. It is something that is lived out. We see examples of exemplary people demonstrating to us how to truly love one another.  Through them we grow to be more human and in our own lives we try our best to do the same.  In the final analysis, we finally realize that love is not the feeling but an action!

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.” 
James 2:17-18 

Deck n Dar Wedding

Wedding portrait by Jamie Lihan



A major event in my life that gave me a clearer perspective of love was when I decided to get married to my girlfriend. The few weeks leading to the wedding day, I would constantly ask myself this question:

“Would I love my wife in spite of _(insert something that irritates me)_”.

While going through the list in my head, it suddenly dawned on me that I am making a conscious decisionto love a person at times when it won’t be easy to do.

Deck Dar Henry Hotel Postnup 010

I treated my wife to our very own photo shoot during Christmas.


True to the stories of many married couples before us, love does take on a different form once you get married. The little things count. Washing the dishes, holding hands in public, or saving the last piece for your partner, are small acts of love. According to Gary Chapman, author of the 5 Love Languages, some actions count more depending on the personality of your partner. But everything is an action that will require your time, thought and resource.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8


It’s been almost 10 months since I got married to my beautiful wife. We are taking things by the day. We try to keep things fun, meaningful and memorable. Below is a short part of a growing list of the things we have learned to do (and avoid doing), something that we hope to make us grow stronger together throughout the years.

  1. Make good memories. Yes, make ways to record the events in your life.
  2. Do your weekly/monthly schedules together.  Plan ahead your date nights and your visits to your parents. For those who don’t enjoy visiting the parents, planning ahead makes you emotionally prepared.
  3. Regularly meet couples who inspire you. Learn from them.
  4. Call when you have the chance.  It’s sweeter than a text.
  5. Put the smartphone away during meal times.
  6. Pray together.
  7. Do not try to win an argument, instead try to understand.
  8. Don’t shout when you’re angry.
  9. Kiss and say “I Love You” often.
  10. Read our Bible and have daily couple devotion time.

Lists like these remind me of the fact that we need to put effort into our marriage to make things work. Love is not just a feeling. It is an action that we deliberately choose to do everyday. Whatever part of your life you are in,  once you have done the action, the feeling naturally flows in.
How about you? What is love?

First Family Portrait copy

Our very first family portrait.

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Do what you LOVE, LOVE what you do While I was shooting TJ & Juliette’s Prenup, I suddenly realized and asked myself, What am I doing here and what is my task? I always ask the same questions over and over again whenever I get to travel and shoot destination Weddings and Engagement sessions. But then I remember that God is very amazing for always reminding me to be thankful wherever I am.  I just want to share a verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:18

1 Thessalonians 5:18

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

We did our Prenup in Baler and it was a really nice experience. let me share their love story as well!

Do what you love. Love what you do.


Tj and I met in Baler four years ago.

Our love for surfing brought us to get to know each other better.


JMS_2369 JMS_2426

When we were dating, we had a hard time committing to each other for a relationship because of our selfish nature.

JMS_2452 JMS_2455

Surprisingly, Tj is the one who introduced me to God. He taught me how to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


JMS_2496 JMS_2501
JMS_2506 JMS_2512

When we finally learned to involve God in our relationship, we found ourselves completely committed to each other.


JMS_2533 JMS_2548

That same time, we also committed ourselves for marriage.

JMS_2551 JMS_2591

JMS_2586 JMS_2612


We learned that love, in its purest sense, is only possible once you have accepted and fully understood God’s love for us. 

JMS_2633 JMS_2639

His love completed us and enabled us to accept each other and show love more when things are getting tough.


God is ever so faithful to bring us together in this wonderful place, Baler to do what we love (to surf and to work) and grow in His love.


God is indeed amazing and we can never tell what He has in store for us. Always keep the faith and never stop being grateful.

Getting married soon and want to have a Prenup like this? hit us up! We’re excited to hear your love stories as well.

Contact Us

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…But the Greatest of these is Love People ask me why I’ve chosen a career in wedding photography — my answer is Love. How many times have I held my breath in awe of love right there before me? How many times have I shed a tear (or two) behind my camera while I clicked away hoping to capture the beauty of it? How many times have I smiled to myself knowing I was witness to something so extraordinary and remarkable? A hundred? A thousand? Shooting weddings, I am fortunate to say, I’ve happily lost count.


I think the Lord put me in weddings because he knows how easily I can forget how special love is in my daily life and when I shoot weddings, I am reminded over and over again of what a gift love truly is and then that love breathes new life in me again. Corinthians 13:13 says And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Imagine waking up to a bad start or just struggling to get by a mundane week and then finally coming to a wedding shoot feeling half-empty — and then all of a sudden, you witness a mom shed that first teardrop as she watches her daughter put on her wedding gown, or see a father finally letting go of a daughters hand as he gives her away to her groom, or you capture that moment, that one moment when the groom sees his bride when those church doors open — it’s as if love gradually unfolds it’s story before me and I am given this wonderful gift, this unique gift of being witness to the many different shades and gradations of love. Imagine that. Then imagine doing it over and over again only with different people, with different stories, all with different noteworthy moments.


People ask me why I’ve chosen a career in wedding photography — my answer is Love. “Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE. “



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The quest to being more loving
Can your love weather the storm?

Can your love weather the storm?

I grew up as an only child.  It’s always bad news for me whenever I hear the words “It’s time to go home.” Regardless if I’m the one going back to my house or it’s my play mates going back to theirs,  In both cases,  it means going back to solitary confinement. Because of that, I got used to being alone. I guess this created an impact on how I am today — I am ok when alone but given the chance, I love crowds and I am a very social person.

One time, I found out in the office that everybody went to Baler for an outing.  No one even invited us out of courtesy.  I felt really bad.  When I told them, they said they didn’t want us to go because  it was just a house and we would ’t like it.  I began to reflect, do I project that type of person?
Then I discovered that this isn’t really an uncommon thing, when I joined the pastors of Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) on a trip to Chicago for a church conference, everyone didn’t act the same when our senior pastor was around.  It was a relief to know that I’m not alone, and that even holy people like Pastor Peter experience the same thing.  However, I still began my search on how I can relate to people better so that I can be onboard with them as a good friend.
This year, one of my few prayers is that God would make me a more loving person. I want to be more gentle and more compassionate — so I began my research and I am just shocked at one of the things I discovered.  Being loving isn’t just something thats part of our character or emotion, there is some science to it literally.  Our bodies actually produce a hormone that determines whether we are in a loving mood or not and its called Oxytocin.  This is the hormone released when a mother bonds with her child. And it just doesn’t make you more loving, more of this hormone actually boosts up your immune system.  You can buy Oxytocin nasal drops and it doesn’t come cheap but I also found 10 cheaper ways you can do to increase it and sincerely show people how I truly care about them.
1. Be a Hugger.
2. When you shake hands – put one hand over the other (a 2nd hand shake).
3. Watch movies that make you cry.
4. Sing with other people at a Karaoke.
5. Dance.
6. Engage and do something exciting with the people that need more loving.
7. Exercise with a friend.
8. Treat someone to dinner.
9. Say out loud how much you lovingly appreciate them.
10. Engage in social media.
Easy? whether this finding is true or not, I guess doing the things above will make me at least seem like a more loving person.
Perfect love casts out fear

Perfect love casts out fear

Loving involves others

Loving involves others

Love has no boundaries

Love has no boundaries

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Clark and Diana SDE (Video)

CLARK & DIANA SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

God knows you are ready when He reveals the best for you at the right circumstance. This couple is a testimony of God's faithfulness and impeccable timing! Just like the song in this video, nothing is impossible to our God!

Reception: Fairmont Hotel in Manila

Videogrpahers: Eriq, Jojo and Rael

Onsite Editor: Andrea

Music: Nothing is Impossible

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Sen. Chiz Escudero & Heart Evangelista Marriage Proposal (Video)

Proposal - Chiz & Heart from Wang Videography on Vimeo.


From the day of your engagement till the
end of the days. May your life be full of
True Love.

Once again congratulations to both of you! 

Videographer: Jojo and Josh
Venue: Sorsogon

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) chiz escudero and heart evangelista marriage proposal videography Tue, 02 Sep 2014 06:58:00 GMT
Louella and Jayson SDE (Video)

Jayson & Louella from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

After two years of being engaged. The relationship became more mature as the years get by.

One cute detail about their relationship is their term of endearment. It started as "Papabear" and "Mamabear", which they got from Full House (a koreanovela) that included to their vows.

Church: Norte Dame De Vic Chapel (Paranaque)

Reception: Fernbook Garden ( Paranaque )

Photography : Imagine Nation Photography

Videography:  Wang Videography

Shot by :       Eriq Dacudao

                         Julius Patricio

                          Lex Alinsod

Editor :              Amil Obias

Music :             Obvious by Dara Maclean
                         Boy with a Kite by Joe Moralez

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) videography wedding Tue, 12 Aug 2014 06:58:00 GMT
We are going to Singapore!

We are so excited! We are inviting all the lovely couples in Singapore to come and visit us on August 17, 2014 @ The Grand Park City Hall Hotel (Grand Ballroom Level 2) from 9:am-8:00pm. Registration is free!

Brought to you by Christine Ong-Te Events. For more info, please contact 562-8851/562-8834.

For online guest registry, click

See you there!  #SGBridalCaravan2014

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Ryan and Trisha SDE (Video)

Ryan & Trisha (SDE) from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

"Thank you so much for showing me the life I thought I'd lost."

How amazing it is when two souls found their meaning from each other. Truly, love makes two souls fight to what it's worth, be each other's strength in the midst of hardship, and find joy in nothingness. Ryan and Trisha made us feel God's love that binded them

Music: The XX (VCR & Florence) + The Machine (Cosmic Love)
Church: Madre de Dios Chapel
Reception: Tagaytay Midlands

Videographers: Julius Patricio, Eriq Dacudao and Rael Zetazate of Wang Videography
Onsite Editor: Amil Obias

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) videography wedding Tue, 15 Jul 2014 06:58:00 GMT
Sean and Apple SDE (Video)

Sean & Apple SDE from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

"Apple i want you to know that i will always Love you with the best of my ability.  I will always put my Love for you above my pride, my work, my hobbies, and my responsibilities." - Sean


Reception: Bellevue

Video: Wang Videography

Videographers: Eriq, Rael and Jojo

Editor: Amil Obias

Music: Marry Me by Jason Derulo

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5 Famous Filipino Wedding Gown Designers Aside from the wedding ceremony itself, the bride’s dress is the talk of the town. It adds to her beauty and boosts the brilliance of the event (aside from wedding photography services). What boosts the “oomph” factor of the bride’s outfit even further is the designer of said dress. In the Philippines, the right gown designer could put your wedding on the map, plus creating buzz for the event itself. Here are 7 famous Filipino designers to consider for your wedding gown.

Designer #1: Veluz Reyes


Reyes’ style is characterized by her use of ornately designed sequins and frilly material in constructing wedding dresses. The sequin patterns can be found primarily on the bodice of the gown, while the skirt and train are composed of layered, translucent material. Her creations are very detailed, yet subdued, bringing the focus entirely on the woman wearing them. Check out her unique designs on her blog here: (

Designer #2: Zandra Lim (

When Zandra Lim makes wedding gowns, she does so with an atmosphere of class and elegance, with a twist of old school glamour to set her apart from her contemporaries. She is well versed in a variety of designs: from creating very simple to elegantly sophisticated dresses, she has a grasp on how it will look and feel for the bride’s special day. To see her collection, visit her at

Designer #3: John Herrera (

Don’t count men out from this list just yet. Some of the best designers the Philippines has seen come from the planet Mars (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Get it?). John Herrera was once a finalist in the Philippine Fashion Design Competition held in 2004. His designs are very unconventional. In particular, the dress of Vanessa Matsunaga best exemplifies his work. This has become his signature in the fashion industry.

Designer #4: Cary Santiago (

The works of Cebuano-based designer Cary Santiago simply ooze with ingenuity and artful taste. His knack for bringing unique shapes and designs into simple every day dresses have made him a designer clamored by all. Brides fly all the way to Cebu just to make appointments, ignoring the P150,000 starting price tag. That’s how good he is.

Designer #5: Rajo Laurel (

If any designer is a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine fashion industry, one only needs to remember two words: Rajo Laurel. The mere mention of his name sends brides-to-be in a gleeful squeal, in the hopes that he designs their wedding dress. Laurel’s experience in the industry serves him well, as his designs cater to the fashion-forward Filipina in the 21st century. For more of his elegant workmanship, check out his site at

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Sun, 09 Feb 2014 10:09:00 GMT
Renzo & Carmela (Video)

Renzo & Carmela from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

It's an understatement to say that Renzo and Carmela were a charming couple. They had extreme positive energies to fire up our creative juices! AAHH! The vows. Ahhh the vows! (insert "feels" here)

The church might look familiar to you. Yes, it's the church where Sir Chief and Maya got married.
The photographers might look familiar too. Yes, they are the photographers of Sir Chief and Maya.
We might look familiar to you as well. Yes, we are your wedding filmmakers and we'd love to film your wedding! :)

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) videography wedding Mon, 20 Jan 2014 06:58:00 GMT
5 Essential Elements that Make Up a Beautiful Boudoir Photo Shoot boudoir photography shoot is one of the greatest experiences a woman can have. It’s an experience that allows you to explore the sexy side of your personality. Moreover, it’s also a chance to rediscover your beauty and boost your self-esteem. There will also be that time of the year that a woman would want to surprise her significant other with a dozen of these boudoir photos, and so, this article will reveal the 5 essential elements that make up a beautiful boudoir photo shoot and help you feel amazing all throughout.

The Perfect Boudoir Photographer: It is important that the client would find a boudoir photographer she is very comfortable with. It is better if the client hires someone she knows so that she wouldn’t have to think about being uncomfortable to show off some skin. It’s even better if the photographer is female since it won’t be too awkward with the opposite sex.

A Confident Woman: Everybody is self conscious at one point and oftentimes, women are insecure with their body. It is important that our client is confident and feeling sexy for the photo shoot. She has to leave her self-consciousness and body insecurities at the door. The client must be reminded that this will be a normal workday for your boudoir photographer. They’ve seen it all and they only want to help you look as sexy as humanly possible.

A Great Music Playlist: The client has to get herself in the mood. If Alicia Keys or Christina Aguilera has to be played, then so be it. Play the kind of music that will mentally turn her on. The client can’t look sexy without feeling sexy in every cell of her body. It’s essential that her body will groove to the music that will make her feel like a goddess. That way, she can reach her highest potential of sexy.

The Best Clothes to Wear: Always think outside the box when planning the lingerie you will wear for boudoir photos. You can even add jewelry or even accessories that are uncommon to wear indoors. You can wear a really sexy scarf or even your high heels. Anything that will make her look extremely sexy.

Set Limitations for the Best Results: From makeup and styling to the quantity of outfits your client will want to attempt to shoot, everything has a direct impact on how much the boudoir photographer will anticipate to achieve during the actual photography. The photographer has to keep in mind that most clients don’t have the practice or the stamina to go for several hours in front of the camera. The duration of the shoot will eventually take a toll on your subject. It is essential that the limitations on the duration of the shoot, makeup and hair styling, and quantity of outfits are anticipated before the actual shoot to make the experience more enjoyable for your client, and even more productive for you.

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What Is A Ting Hun? One of the most interesting aspects of Chinese and Pinoy cultures is that they have such a rich traditional heritage for particular events, most especially in weddings. One of these rituals is known as the Ting Hun. No, Ting Hun is not a relative of Attila The Hun.

It is known as the formal engagement ceremony. To the Chinese, the Ting Hun symbolizes the acceptance of both the bride and groom-to-be in each of their families. The Filipino equivalent of this is called “The Pamamanhikan”. Honoring these traditions are a way of asserting the couple’s cultural identity, which surely should be captured as part of the prenuptial photography album.

What is a Ting Hun?

According to Chinese culture, the Ting Hun is traditionally done in the girl’s house. But since we live in modern times, Chinese-Filipino families opt to hold the ceremony at a restaurant instead. This greatly reduces the hassle for the girl’s relatives and makes it much more convenient for both sides of the family.

The restaurant is not the only consideration when it comes to the Ting Hun. There’s a lot of formality that goes into this event, as documented by’s Jonathan Dionisio in his article, “A Guide to the Filipino-Chinese Wedding Rituals”.

First, the groom’s family publishes the event at a local Chinese newspaper as an ad during the day of the Ting Hun. Prior to the arrival of all the guests, the groom’s family must be at the venue an hour before the start of the ceremony.

The Ting Hun officially begins when the bride’s family accepts the groom’s company. The groom starts the procession by carrying a box of corsage down the aisle. Relatives of the groom follow suit, with each pair carrying a Sin Na (which is a fancy Chinese term for “gift”). Sin Na’s are actually four-layered bamboo boxes (like the ones restaurants use to serve siopao or siomai) filled with Chinese herbs that symbolize happiness and prosperity for the couple’s marriage. The groom’s parents, and the other relatives carrying gifts, round up the march.

Once the gifts are brought into the room, the elder representatives prepare the ceremonial table, placing the red bridal satin cloth over it with the gifts on top. Red is a color that represents happiness, joy, and long life. Once this has been accomplished, the bride and groom’s representatives take their respective seats on the table.

The bride enters the room backwards, a sign of canceling negative energy and a move that prevents her from seeing the groom. She is then turned clockwise three times by her escort, before she can finally see her husband-to-be. Drinks, such as red or orange juice, are served by the female members of the bride’s family to the rest of the entourage, from eldest to youngest (as a sign of respect for the elders). The couple to be wed are served last. Once the couple has been served, they can proceed to the gift-giving ceremony.

Once the gifts have been exchanged, the entire family proceeds to the tea ceremony, an act of respect. The bride serves the groom’s family, from eldest to the youngest. The groom also does the same, but for the bride’s family.

When all the guests have had their tea, picture taking can commence. According to Jonathan Dionisio, the couple can follow this order for reference:

  • Newly engaged couple
  • Couple with bride’s parents
  • Couple with bride’s immediate family
  • Couple with both parents
  • Couple with groom’s parents
  • Couple with groom’s immediate family
  • Couple with groom’s engagement party
  • Couple with bride’s engagement party
  • Couple with bride’s relative
  • Couple with bride’s friends

Once the picture taking comes to a close, the engagement party will take sweet tea soup and misua as a sign of a harmonious relationship of the bride with her new family and a long-lasting relationship with her husband in marriage, respectively.

Near the end of the Ting Hun, Ang Paos (envelopes with money) are returned to the groom, who then gives them back to his parents. The bride’s female family members give away flowers to the single ladies, while rest prepare the giveaway bags.

The groom then takes both the cakes displayed at the ceremonial table (his and his wife-to-be’s) to a car along with his representative (the groom carries his bride’s cake while the representative carries his). They will drive around the block of the restaurant twice. Driving around the block represents a lifelong union between the husband and wife. The groom then carries back the cake with his name back into the venue, leaving the wife’s cake in the car. The total number of the Sin Na’s brought into the Ting Hun is divided into two, with the other half being given to the family of the groom at the start or end of the rite.

At the end of the Ting Hun, the participants, guests, and family members of the bridegroom-to-be eat at the reception prepared for them.

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Sat, 28 Dec 2013 10:09:00 GMT
How to Get That 1940’s Boudoir Look Before boudoir photography fully embodied the sensuality and sexuality of the female form, would you believe that it entered a period where experimentation of light and shadow, natural charm, appeal, and full clothing? This is what characterized boudoir, or glamour photography, as it was called back in the 1940s.

Classic Boudoir

George Hurrell, the so-called “Grand Signeur of the Hollywood Portraits”, and his muses such as Rita Hayworth, Jean Harlow, and Mae West, proved to the world that boudoir needn’t be trashy, but classy and elegant. The period and style for glamour may be long-gone, but this classic art form made an indelible mark in today’s photographers and stylists.

If you’re interested in achieving that 1940s boudoir appearance, then look no further. Today, we’ll give you tips on how you can achieve that with these easy steps.

Tip #1: Make-up

1940s Makeup

The Hollywood actresses Hurrell used as his muses used make-up to enhance their features and cover up blemishes that would otherwise detract from the overall glamour they were trying to achieve. If you take a look at some of their pictures, they looked very darling, spotless, and absolutely perfect. Remember: Don’t use too much make up. An overabundance of lipstick, blush on, eyeliner or foundation will ruin what you’re trying to accomplish. For super awesome makeup tutorials, check out the Vintagemakeupguide.

Tip #2: Dress up. Really dress up

Rita Hayworth Boudoir

Nope, not Audrey Hepburn, but I think Rita Hayworth wore this ‘little black dress (LBD)’ pretty well too.

Another tip in going “glam” with boudoir photography is to pick your outfits and really be particular about them. Your choices are very limited to gowns and dresses, with the occasional silk top. Why? The reason it’s called glamour photography is because the subject is to exude elegance and sophistication. Also, a common technique used in this kind of photography is “soft focus”, where the contours of the subject and other elements in the background are very warm and pleasing visually. Only certain gowns and dresses with material such as silk, can achieve that effect. A timeless dress you can use as your peg is the LBD (or Little Black Dress) popularized by Audrey Hepburn.

Make sure that your outfit is tailored according to your measurements so it properly emphasizes your…uh…assets. Try not to wear something with a complicated pattern or too much sparkle. The star of the photo is you, not your outfit. Once you’ve got the perfect dress/es, it’s time to…

Tip #3: Accessorize

Women's Accessories 1940s

Take your glamour shoot one step further by accessorizing. Wearing gloves and jewelry in the right places (one wrist, the neck, and both ears) go a long way in further improving your appearance in the photoshoot.

Tip #4: Get to the salon.

1940s Hairstyles

Even before going to your shoot, be sure to get your hair did in the salon. Get it curled or straightened or even in an updo if you like. Hollywood actresses of the 1940s made sure everything, even their hair, was in pristine condition.

Tip #5: Project. Project. Project

 Rita Hayworth Boudoir

So you’ve got the dress, the accessories, the make-up, and even the hair down to pat. Now it’s time to exude that aura of confidence, grace, and subdued sexiness during the shoot. One reason why Hurrell preferred Hollywood actresses as his models was because they already had the air of class and sophistication. You may have the looks, dress, and accessories, but if you can’t project for the camera, the glamour photoshoot will be a flop.

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Fri, 20 Dec 2013 10:09:00 GMT
The Future of Boudoir Photography In terms of female art – from paintings to pictures – boudoir photography has been around long enough to show evidence of its evolution. From the evocation of natural beauty and grace to promoting sensuality and sexuality, boudoir has taken on so many meanings and forms over the past four centuries, one wonders what message it will convey in the near future. But before we ponder what it will become soon, we must look back at what it was and what it meant back then.

The start

Classic Boudoir Photography


Boudoir photography was considered taboo in the 1920s. Back then, the art of boudoir was shown through nude photos of women. It was a hyper conservative mentality (think old-school) that influenced people to think nude photography was pornography. This perception changed when Albert Allen Arthur, a French photographer, revolutionized the way nude portraits were taken. He favored plus-sized women as models, choosing to portray their plumpness as natural beauty, which is quite the opposite of today’s portrayal of women who need to follow the world’s standard of beauty (read thin and curvy features).

Middle years

Jane Russell Boudoir Photography

Past the 1920s, boudoir as a whole went through numerous changes in its meaning and message. The 1930s saw a shift from nude to glamour photography, thanks in part to the efforts of George Hurrell, the master of the Hollywood portrait, specifically for women. His clientele included iconic actresses like Mae West, Jean Harlow, and Rita Hayworth. The reason for the term “glamour” was because Hurrell captured intangible quality of class and elegance that these stars embodied. And it wasn’t lewd or gross, but very unique and captivating.

The 1950s saw the emergence of artists like Sam Shaw and Cecil Beaton (both photographers of Marilyn Monroe). These two chose to depict the blonde bombshell not as the sex icon that she was, but in a very simple, everyday-like manner. It not only made her accessible to the average Joe and Jane, but showed a different side of her outside the Hollywood glitz and glamour she was accustomed to. In Shaw’s and Beaton’s body of work, there truly was beauty in simplicity.

Then, today, and beyond


Today, our views of  boudoir and female sexuality have been “pornified” by magazines such as FHM and Playboy.

Once the period of the natural grace and beauty was over, a different roster of photographers redefined boudoir to what we normally see today. It was the era of over sensuality and sexuality. Helmut Newton and Alberto Vargas (famous for his pin-up works of art) styled or often drew women in very sexy poses and very revealing clothing, like underwear or lingerie.

Today, our views of sexuality and feminine beauty have been heavily influenced by this movement. Magazines like FHM, Playboy, etc., and even billboard advertisements glamorize this kind of “boudoir”. They have become our society’s norm on beauty. In a sense, it has been “pornified”. A very small movement of artists dedicated to preserving the origins of boudoir still abide, giving this art form a glimmer of hope.

In the future, there is a possibility that this “pornified” view in boudoir will still continue. It will no longer be about capturing the natural curves or simple beauty, but the proliferation of hyper sexuality and sensuality.

But maybe, just maybe, that small wave of traditionalists will rise. A new wave will emerge and restore the boudoir photography we’ve all grown to know and love.

Or… more and more photographers will blaze new trails of art and present us with ideas so revolutionary, the only response can be that of silent awe. One such photographer is Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. His exploration of different textures such as milk and water, coupled with high-speed sync photography has thrust him as one of the contemporary icons of photography.

Milk Photography

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Alfer & Jen: Down the Road - Save The Date (Video)

ALFER & JEN: DOWN THE ROAD (SAVE THE DATE) from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

He and she found each other
Can't be replaced by another
As they walk as one, never go astray
Because their journey begins today.

Shot by: Dux and Lex
Venue: Pampanga

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) save the date videography Thu, 19 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT
The 10 Best Christmas Print Ads Ever As Christmas time draws near, this is the season for companies to make loads of money by promoting their products and services all over the place. You’ll be sure to see billboards as you drive along the highway. Though there are some ads that seem like they’re merely advertising for the sake of capitalism (read: making more and more money during the holiday craze), there are a select few that look just so darn good. Today, we’ll count down the ten best ads, whether done with advertising photography or otherwise.

1) Publicis Singapore

Christmas Advertisments

The shot of a star-shaped sharpener, pencil, and the trimmings creating a Christmas tree-like form is creative, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Good job, Publicis Singapore!

2) Pepsi

Christmas Advertisments

The carbonated drink tastes so good, even the Christmas ornament wants a taste. Oh, and it’s a pretty interesting take on a holiday ad, too.

3) Heineken

Christmas Advertisments

The beer company masterfully creates an ad placement of a very important reminder for the holiday season. Keep the holiday cheer and happiness by staying sober.

4) Adidas


An overhead shot of the sneakers near each another gets the simple holiday message across very well (that’s an image of a pine tree, the most common foliage used for Christmas trees if you still didn’t get it).

5) Almere Vandaag

Christmas Advertisments

Hahaha! But maybe not so funny, if you think about it. Today’s generation would do exactly that to newspapers. If newspapers publishes issues digitally to kid’s tablets, then that outcome may change for the better.

6) M&Ms

Christmas Advertisments

Perhaps they should change the title of the classic Christmas tune “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” to “Rudolph The Red-M&M Nosed Reindeer” because of this ad. No? Yeah, that would be a mouthful to sing? Nicely done ad, though.

7) Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Christmas Advertisments

Hey look, it’s Santa Clause! Hellmann’s created a standout concept for an everyday product like mayonnaise.

8) Cultura

Christmas Ads

Even jolly St. Nick himself couldn’t handle the number of presents you wanted this Christmas.

9) Mercedes-Benz

Christmas Ads

Hilarious. Utterly. Hilarous. Way to poke fun at the Nativity scene. If you didn’t get it yet, the Magi missed the birth of Christ because they used camels, and not a Mercedes-Benz car.

10) Coke

Christmas Advertisments

The modern-day Santa Claus icon has been used in Coke’s Christmas ads ever since the 1920s. Nothing warms the heart more this Christmas season than seeing a picture of good ‘ol St. Nick enjoying a bottle of Coke, just like the rest of us.

And they you have it, the 10 best Christmas print ads ever. Which one do you think was the funniest or the best? Let us know by posting your comment below. And from wherever in the world you’re reading this, an advanced Merry Christmas to you!

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Why You Should Hire Imagine Nation For Your Advertising Photography Needs So, you, or your company, has a product that you believe will revolutionize whatever industry you’re in. That’s great! You want to get into mass marketing/promotion as soon as possible to make sure it gets decent market exposure and return on investment. Even better!

But first things first, you need to hire photographers who’ll represent your “baby” to the public in the best way possible. Look no further. That’s where we, Imagine Nation, come in.


imagine nation

This may be the first time you’ve heard of us, so we’ll go ahead and introduce ourselves. We are a diverse team of photographers extremely dedicated to our craft. It is our belief that our faith in God is the driving force for us to pursue the utmost excellence in our field, for we were first and foremost called to be photographers.



We believe that with our God-given talents, we can lead more and more people to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In any and every event, we not only provide you with 1st class, personalized service, but also build relationships with one another.


imagine nation photography

So why hire us in the first place for your advertising photography needs? As mentioned earlier, we are a team of versatile photographers. Our group is divided into 4 categories: master, senior, junior, and south photographers, each with their own unique skillset.

Capitalizing on our diversity, we have both veterans and newcomers, meaning there is an integration of classic and new styles. This artistic combination translates to a fresh and progressive takes in how we handle advertising photography. They have also dabbled with artistic photography, but rest assured, they know a thing or two about advertising photography. We also have a team based in New York so we are always up to date with international standards in advertising.

While we are relatively young in the industry, we already have experience with corporate clients. Our growing base include clients such as GMA News TV’s fashbook, Greenwich Pizza & Pasta, Heaven On Earth, and Chef Chow’s Shabu-Shabu Express.

For more info on our advertising/corporate photography services, visit us here.

To view our ad photography galleries, click here

For editorial/fashion or here

Want to meet our team of photographers, click here.

And of course, don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

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INP as Tatak Batang Malaya Awardee 2013 December 5, 2013 marked the day when International Labour Organization (ILO) recognized Imagine Nation Photography as a “Tatak Batang Malaya” Awardee at the Midas Hotel.

The said award was given to companies who fully supported ILO on its campaign known as “Red Card to Child Labour,” which was launched last September of this year. The heart of the project was to give aspiring athletes a chance to learn how to play soccer through a free sports clinic instead of spending rigorous hours on forcefully knitting soccer balls for a living.
(photo of the trophy)
(photo of ILO and INP during the awarding ceremonies)

Together with Life by Imagine Nation, we are honored to be able to capture the whole project from beginning to the end, including the ambassadors, government officials, and local artists who supported the project. It was an added bonus to be able to capture the  smiles of the children during the clinic and kick off.


James Younghusband for the Red Card to Child Labour


2  DSC_9326   JJK_8549JJK_8808





Imagine Nation Photography and Life by Imagine Nation, together with everybody who took part in this event, hopes and prays that this will truly eliminate child labour in our country.

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Thu, 12 Dec 2013 10:09:00 GMT
Alain & Anna: The Prince & Princess (Video)

ALAIN & ANNA: THE PRINCE & THE PRINCESS from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

A wonderful love story they have, written so perfectly
Not by an accident but by the call of destiny
Through ups and downs, be with each other eternally
As God as their center, the author of eternal love story

Preparations: Vivere Hotel
Ceremony & Reception: Fernbrook Gardens
Photography by: Derrick Lim and Shayla Sanchez of Imagine Nation Photography
Filmed by: Dux Dacudao, Jojo Ramallosa & Glen Lopez
Edited by: Amil Obias

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) videography wedding Thu, 12 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT

the BOUDOIR from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Every fairy tale has a happy ending, but not all. Let's hear from Eliza her bittersweet story and how she burned her past.

Photo by: The Boudoir Dolls
Make up and Styling: Kharu Jasmin
Video and Edit: Andrea

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) boudoir boudoir dolls videography Wed, 11 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT

CLEO @ 18: PARIS MEETS MANILA from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

Most of the ladies dream to travel around the romantic and fashionable city of Paris. Now, Paris is an inch from you because we brings Paris here in Manila as Cleo walked down the ramp with confidence and beauty of a lady.

Let the breath-taking air-dancers perform and welcome you and be amazed on the grandeur set up.

Event Place : One Esplanade

Party Coordinator : Solutions Events by (Ana Tueres) 

Place Design : Eat Bulaga by (Sheila Ilacad/ Eric)

Lights : Forsc Ink by (Philip Santos)

Sounds: StradPro by (Sir.Jojo)

Performer: Cloth dancers; Airdance Philippines by (Sir.Avel) for Cleo's backup dancers

Performer : Black Theater (Sir. nonoy)

Caterer: ENH (Edwin Hernandez)

Cake : Top Cake (by Maryann)

Invitation : Kenneth Uy 

Save the Day Video : Melvin Picasio of St. Benilde Della Salle

Chopper : Lion Air

Hydraulic : By Sir. Lito 

LED Monitor: Imatech 

Generator : Raclep Film Equipment Rental 

Preparation: Hotel Sofitel 

HMUA : Joan 

HOST : Eri Neeman

Cleo's Personal coordinator : Criscel R. Bongco  

Photo by: Alex of Imagine Nation Photography

Shot by: Julius and Eriq

Onsite editor: Amil

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) debut videography Tue, 10 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT

Convergys Highlights Video from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

The people are a company's best kept secret, the force by which brands and names thrive and count for success. But it is more or less a secret. And perhaps the industry keeps it a secret for a reason. But we congratulate Convergys for daring to lead the way in putting this secret out in the open and to move the spotlight towards its people as the power behind its brand. In this remarkable and meaningful event hosted by Post Ad Ventures, Inc., the employees of Convergys take a break from the everyday grind of work to celebrate, stand up, and be lauded together as the company's (and also our nation's) heroes. Convergys takes this extra mile to turn around and say, "You Count!" Here's a recap of this game-changing event.

Editor: Ivan

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) convergys event videography Sat, 07 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT

Hakab Na! A Breastfeeding Mob from Wang Videography on Vimeo.

It was so inspiring seeing numbers of mommy who registered in the event. Initiated by the Breastfeeding Pinays, a Facebook group who seeks to promote women's right to breastfeed and to disseminate to mommies and soon-to-be mommies the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding mothers. This campaign is one their events for this month of August as celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. See how mommies are proud to breastfeed.

Video: Carlo and Josh

Editor: Leonard

[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) breastfeeding breastfeeding pinays event videography Sat, 07 Dec 2013 06:58:00 GMT
Church, Garden, or Beach – Where Should I Get Married? Knowing the venue for your wedding to take place is just as important as making the decision to do so. That mutual decision must come from both the husband and wife, and no one else. It is, after all, theirunion.

In the previous article, we took a look at the difference between a traditional and modern wedding. Here, we will look specifically at the 3 kinds of venues for a nuptial to take place: church, garden, and beach. It is the hope of this writer that the article helps you decide where to get hitched and, also, figure out whichwedding photography package to get in the process.

 – Church –

church wedding

A church wedding symbolizes great respect of years of Philippine culture and tradition. So in this case, this is considered a traditional wedding in the context of the Filipinos. The Catholic church is deeply rooted in Philippine history, as conversion to the religion occurred sometime during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines between 1521 to 1898.

As such, this rich heritage has been passed down from generation to generation and continues today. This kind of wedding can also be characterized by its administration by a pastor or priest, with the bride-and-groom-to-be’s family and friends in attendance.

Older relatives who are used to this tradition may advise the young ones to continue this custom when they themselves decide to get married.

– Garden –

garden wedding

A garden wedding is one of the non-traditional, or modern, venues to get hitched in. Based on the visual cues of the shrubbery and plants, this kind of wedding shows interesting backgrounds in photos because of the color combination of the foliage.

The choice of a garden wedding also gives us a peek into the couple’s interest. It shows they love nature, especially plants, flowers, and  everything else that grows from the ground.

One reason why this is a popular choice is that it is unique from having it inside a church or a similar indoor structure. A garden wedding is natural, fresh, and an interesting point of conversation in the future, as it sets apart the couple from others who chose other venues.

– Beach –


A nuptial here presents the ultimate comfort for the couple and their guests. Beach weddings need not be ultra formal. Men can wear short- or long-sleeved polos and khaki (or any other similarly-shaded) pants. Women can opt for dresses like the summer frock and accessorize with a hat, shades, and even jewelry. The best part of a beach wedding is that, with the sand as your floor, footwear is optional. Everyone can go barefoot.

In a way, a beach venue is similar in some respects to a garden. But  instead of the shrubbery or plants, a beach wedding shows appreciation of the sky and sea. Plus, if the wedding is timed right, you can get a really great, bright orange sunset in your background. It can’t get any more romantic than that.

Which one?


A beach wedding ultimately wins this contest. Why? You get the best views (sea, sky, sunset); it’s inexpensive (your decoration is nature itself); attire is summer casual to semi-formal at best; and the reception can also be held at the venue itself, making it comfortable for everyone!

But with the 3 choices presented, the choice is totally up to you! Not all will appreciate a casual beach wedding, or a nature-centered nuptial. Likewise, most feel that the time of the traditional church wedding is over and something refreshing is needed. Every couple has their own idea for the nuptials. Feel free to choose a venue suited to your tastes, be it a church, garden, or beach wedding.

Where would you get married? Drop a comment below and tell us about your dream wedding…
[email protected] (Imagine Nation Studios) Fri, 06 Dec 2013 10:07:00 GMT
Tatak Batang Malaya Award

Being part of ILO's project, Red Card to Child Labour was an eye-opener to what was happening around us. It gave us an opportunity to help kick child labour not just here in the country but around the globe. 

Last December 5, 2013 at Midas Hotel held the International Labour Organization-International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC) Tatak Batang Malaya Awarding attended by the government and private sectors who gave a hand for the success of the project.