Winter is soon over, lets welcome spring!

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I wish! :) Isn’t it unfair that other countries have 4 seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn while the Philippines only has two, one of which don’t even fall into any the four — Take a pick: you may call it wet & dry season or summer & rain.  Upon a quick research, I discovered that the reason why we only have two is not just because of our weather but because most of our plants are not deciduous (which means) trees whose leave fall and grow depending on season.  Most of the trees that we have here are called “Evergreen” which I think is pretty cool.  Much like Filipinos…  they say we are generally warm, happy people regardless of circumstance.
While we may complain and ask why autumn, winter and spring sales, being in a tropical country do have quite a few advantages:
  • Because of our season, many of the best fruits grow in the Philippines.
  • We have weddings almost all year round.
  • We don’t need different clothing for different season.  At most, normal people have a few jackets or raincoats in our cabinets just in case.
  • We hardly ever have to rake dry leaves out of our lawns.  One reason for this is that most houses in the Philippines don’t have lawns and neither do we have trees. :)
Nope, we don't have those here but our trees are almost always green.

Nope, we don’t have those here but our trees are almost always green.

Though weddings are at peak during December and January, I do look forward to this season as beach and garden weddings abound which are my personal favorites.  Though I don’t like staying under the sun, for obvious reasons, I do love that time when the sun is about to set and which photographers call “the magical hour”.
I’d like to think though that regardless of how many seasons we have in our country, whether just two, three our four. God our lives will always have four and I think thats a good thing.  Being summer and bloom all year round might make me proud and think I’m higher and better than everyone. While being stuck in winter having nothing to eat might force me to steal and in the process dishonor God. (read proverbs 30)
The bible says that God originally made the sun and moon, not to give us light (as what we think) but as markers of the different seasons.  Genesis 1:14 reads “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark the seasons, and days and years.” and yes, each of us are in different seasons of our lives but seasons do change.

When your are about to lose hope, never ever forget that God puts us in that season for a reason and we shouldn’t waste that season by not figuring out why God put us there.  There are lessons to be learned regardless of what season you are in.  Each season has its ups and downs… Yes, I do love the beach and gardens, but I don’t like it when I have bad sun burn and  I don’t like having to put sun block every time I go out.

Its a blessing that In the Philippines you can get married anytime you want.

Its a blessing that In the Philippines you can get married anytime you want.

Are you in the season for marriage? savor it… preparation may be hard but there’s a lot of lesson to be learned specially with each other and some of them include patience, team work, budgeting…
Are you in a season of loneliness?  Its the perfect time to soul search and know God.  Its the perfect time to do that hobby without worrying about going home early or reporting to someone.
Great business?  Strike while the iron is hot and maximize your profits.   Are you in a drought, maybe now is the best time to innovate to plan and evaluate.
Remember what Ecclesiastes 3:1 is saying “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” It might not be your season now, but that simply means your season is just about to come.


Imagine Nation has been in Winter too long (and yes that includes hibernation), bu I’d like to think that spring is coming very very soon…


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