Spring of Marriage

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Every month, each photographer is tasked to write a blog. This month’s theme is Spring. The thing is… I couldn’t find the words nor think of a concept to relate spring to my wedding photography style. I’ve been staring at this computer screen for hours now and it just dawned to me, I didn’t have to. I’ve decided on why weddings are the Spring for every Marriages. This topic is also sort of inspired by the recent testimony of our bosses, Sir Jong and Ms. Monique at CCF this Sunday.

So, Spring whilst it may seem a mere season to others, to me Spring is a promise of better beginnings and a symbol of victorious endings. Weddings are exactly like that. It is a new beginning for couples. 
Spring is Colorful, Weddings are too.
Even if you decide to have a black and white wedding, your wedding will always be filled with colourful emotions. Your families and friends laughter or happiness are like chirping birds celebrating the beginning of your life long commitment.
A wedding is the symbol for a relationship sealed by God. Spring is the symbol of God’s promises in our lives.
Like Spring you have to go through winter first. Like every relationships, couples go through tough times. Your love for each other will be tested and if you are still together no matter what, then that’s when the church bells start ringing. 
In spring, new flowers bloom. Like marriages, in the first few months we will discover new things about our spouse, things we have never noticed before you live in the same roof. 
Spring is also the like weddings, most couples decide to get married because they plan to build a family. Spring, from what I heard is also the best time to plant fruit trees.
Spring is a wonderful season, even the tiniest flower bloom during this time of the year.


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