DIY Spring: Make Your Own Indoor Spring Wedding

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DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-4We love Spring. Even when we do not have Spring in the Philippines, spring is a season we look forward to each year, in terms of fashion trends. Spring is a season of colors, of all things bright and beautiful, of all things that bloom. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-8

And since in the Philippines, all year round, it’s tropical, it’s kinda like Spring the whole time. Even when it’s rainy season, you can also make your own indoor spring, just know what elements make up SPRING.DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-3

1. Gather things that are colorful

If you google “spring elements” you would see results of a lot of colorful things. Bright yellow, bright green, bright orange, bright! bright! bright! DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-5

Animals would also be part of the items you would see there. Birds of the air and cute cuddly creatures perhaps, you can always opt to choose an animal that means something to you and your partner. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-1

2. Flowers and more flowers

Flowers are the main attraction during spring time. It’s the time when most flowers are in bloom. You can either choose just one bright colored flower or go for a mix of bright and light flowers.

DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-2

Cherry blossoms in bloom are one of the most sought after attractions in Japan during spring. But you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to make your cherry blossom aisle. You can simple go to Divisoria and you can get 3 bundles for P100. Buy a lot more and they’ll give it to you for cheaper. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-10

Whether you put these flowers indoor or outdoor, it will indeed do the trick of giving your wedding that spring feel. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-9

It is important for you to know what you need before you go shopping. Be strict with your list of items to buy and don’t hoard a lot of things you will not need and those that won’t go with your desired theme.

For this wedding (Gerard and Meredith’s) they put everything indoor and it made the church look a lot different. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-7

They moved the flowers right after the wedding ceremony from United Evangelical Church to EDSA Shangri-la (no one has to know, just you and your coordinators.) This way, you save money and your theme is consistent. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-11

Table centerpieces don’t necessarily have to be the same, but of the same shade of color would be nice. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-12Another thing you can do with centerpieces is to buy plastic/artificial flowers and put them in clear vases with water in them. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-14

Add the same feel to your buffet area, your entrance and registration. Drapes aren’t always necessary if your venue is already quite bright. DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-15

3. Keep it Light and Simple

Less is more as they always say. We, photographers, try as much as we can to get away from shooting the clutter that is around the place. Too much details can be an eyesore, but if you are able to choose which items go well with which, then that would be perfect.

DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-13

Choose a dark and a light color to go together, or any bright color then pair it up with white, because white is neutral, it usually is a safe color.
DIY Wedding- Make Your Own Indoor Spring-6If you’re not too sure on which colors would work, consult an artist/stylist. Know exactly what you want and what details you can do without so as not to mess up the whole idea, and also so you won’t overspend. You may also look for pegs online, and try to work with the ideas you find in there.

P.S. Happy planning!

Preps: EDSA Shangri-la Garden Wing /  Church: United Evangelical Church of the Philippines / Reception: EDSA Shangri-la Garden Wing / Videographer: Dream Mechanics / Coordinator: Aileen Atinon / Host: Stuart Gan /


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