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Every once in awhile I always find myself asking… “Is this really what I want to do?”

Looking back, during my Production Design major days in college, I used to do short indie films. I love films, how it’s done, from pre-production to post-production. Those were the days when our Photography class was still analog as well, film-based where we use to print our shots in the dark room. It was that challenging and exciting… but my heart wasn’t there at that time.


Came 2007, when I started freelancing as a wedding coordinator. That’s when I first fell in love with weddings. It was like love at first sight. On the side, my then boyfriend now husband, thought of something like an activity or hobby that we can do together, that’s when we joined Photography workshop together. This time, it’s digital. =) We enjoyed photowalks together, street or landscape photography as part of our date nights. It was fun. That’s when I realized that I’m really the type of person who’d love to be behind the camera… from indie films to photography. 268961_245244505501673_100000483753193_1032224_213655_n

(yep, that’s my husband beside me)

Fast forward to October 2010,  Imagine Nation opened their Batch6 apprenticeship program, that’s when I tried my luck. The moment I got in, I told myself, “This is it, this is my calling!” 73529_444895044498_1887013_n

(a throwback photo of batch 6, which I really wanna throw.. that BANGS!:p)

Imagine Nation Madoka Boudoir

When asked about my style, I lean towards chic and sophisticated. I want my bride to shine and feel at her sexiest on her wedding day. Aside from weddings, I also do boudoir- a classy intimate shoot for women done in good taste. Being one of the boudoir dolls, I incorporated this style with my bridal portraits. I just always tell my brides to simply wear their confidence and smile and I will take care of them.Imagine Nation Madoka Boudoir

I also love to capture emotions that only photographs can freeze for a lifetime. After shooting hundreds of weddings I would think I’d be numbed already… but I am one teary-eyed photographer.  For every exchange of heart warming vows, father and daughter dance and mom’s last kiss as her daughter is ushered into married life, I personally get moved.


And who doesn’t love wedding that’s pinterest-worthy, I love details too! But at the end of the day, whatever style one photographer has, how grand or simple the wedding is, I realized that it’s the love story of two individuals that God authored to love and glorify His name that we must capture the most.


Now, going back to my question, “Is this really what I want to do?” Giving a “yes” is easy, but explaining it why, took me hundreds of shoots to realize. When a couple asked me to shoot them from their prenup to her maternity  until she literally gave birth, I was able to pray for them and bless them. Imagine how I’ve witnessed every milestones in their lives through my photography… I once again told myself “this is my calling, Lord!”

Imagine Nation birth photography madoka Tomas

I finally found meaning with the gift that God has blessed me using Imagine Nation. Our mentor, John Mateos Ong, a master photographer to others, but to me, he’s my shepherd who guides me spiritually. Other mentors can easily critique your shots, but this man will definitely correct you with love, would go beyond his means to help your with your personal life even with your marriage.

Imagine Nation isn’t just about the number of bookings, it’s about the number of couples we were able to bless and lead to Christ. Imagine Nation isn’t just about our clients, we’re all about relationships. Imagine Nation isn’t just a photography studio, we’re a family. Look here, THIS IS MY FAMILY.



To God be all the glory!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord not for men”

Colossians 3:23


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