Look Here: See the World through My Eyes

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My life’s mission: to let the world see the beauty of God’s creation through my eyes.


In my last semester in college, I enrolled in Introduction to Drawing and Painting class. It was an elective. I remember the professors assigned in the registration teasing me saying I just wanted an easy subject to go with the last subjects of my Management Engineering course. Little did they know that it was here that I would have sleepless nights in order for me to finish the art work. I enjoyed. It was my professor (Brendan Goco) here that encouraged me to attend a photography workshop after graduation. I never stopped shooting since.

11 JAM_6254

I started with a Nikon D70 and a cheap all around lens, Nikkor 28-200mm. I would bring this anywhere. I would shoot all sorts of things and people. This led me to explore what I enjoyed shooting more.

1kids, Manila Cathredal, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

The first lens I bought was a Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8: to capture subjects far from me.



1kids, St. Therese, Darwin Tuazon, Blue Leaf, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

I figured I love capturing fast moving objects. I love the challenge of patiently expecting and getting that split second reaction. I love capturing moments that draws emotions from those who see them. I love capturing the beauty when people just are themselves and forget the world.



2Kids, Watot & Nikki, St. Therese, Crowne Plaza, Jamie Lihan, Imagine Nation

The next lens I bought was a Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8: to capture wide spaces.

wedding photography, manila wedding, indian wedding, marriott hotel, dilip & dimple, wedding ceremony, jamie lihan, imagine nation

I love cinematic shots. It reminds me of the vastness of the creation we are in. And how beautiful it is.

29 JAM_5823


When I shoot, I see things differently. I have this perspective that everything can be beautiful—every little thing. Everything has a story to be told. I anticipate beauty. I recreate beauty. I travel and explore the world, and interpret it the way that I see it.

09 JAM_1488

It is a dream to inspire others to explore photography. I think it is my way of paying it forward. I am grateful to those who pushed me to discover the creative side of me. More importantly, I am grateful to God who gave me these gifts that led me to see the world from a different—mathematical-creative-beautiful—perspective, and to show the world His awesomeness in the simplest things.

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