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Being a Wedding Photographer is tough, you have to be always alert, focused, and at the top of your game. Weddings are composed of lots of priceless moments and our job is to do our best to capture it in the best angle we could. How did I become a photographer you may ask? Well, here’s my story.

Starting at a young age, I enrolled myself with the support of my parents at Imagine Nation Photography’s Basic Photography Workshop which is the Purpose Driven Photographer, it’s a 7 week workshop that will cover the basics and advanced techniques in photography.


I never knew that I will fall in love with photography. After the workshop, I felt that I was left hanging and wanting for more! I can still remember the feeling of being so passionate in taking photos even when I’m at home. December 2011 came and I was just surfing the net, it was Christmas eve and Imagine Nation announced an Apprenticeship Program. I was very eager in joining and I asked everyone about what would happen if I joined. I was really scared and nervous because of the pressure of knowing that there were other photographers that are more experienced that were also applying, but nonetheless I still tried.

By God’s amazing grace I was included in the Batch 8 of apprentices!


Shout out to Betty Uy and Bill Ti Yu fellow Junior Photographers :D

 Burning with passion, shooting as much as I can, and learning everything on the way was all worth it. I met a lot of people along the way and it also molded me as a better person. Trusting in God’s plan will bring you to where you want to be, and we should always believe in Him.

While I was being taught by mentors, I kept a lot of my photos as an apprentice and I would love to share them to you guys!


incase you don’t know, we also do baby pictorials and look at this cutiepie! :D


We always make sure to capture important LIFE events and at the same time, have fun!


What’s this photo doing here? ohh it’s one of my favorite parts during receptions! haha kidding aside, I also love taking details of parties and events.


Helping out one of Imagine Nation’s Senior Photographer, Madoka. :)


This was one of my faves from my first ever Prenup, look at that sun!

After 8 months I got promoted as one of the Junior Photographers. All the hard work finally paid off! Shooting Weddings, Events, and almost everything under the sun was all worth it!


Entourage shot before the wedding. No peaking! :D

I love taking pictures of almost everything. My photography style is I like taking bright, classic simple photos. I make sure that my subjects will look naturally beautiful in my photos.

36 JMS_8052

I want my couples to shine bright of their love and capture their lovely smiles. :)


I would also like to share my life verse, which always reminds me of all the hardwork that I’ve been through.

Philiipians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.


Let me be there on your special day.   I will do my best to bring my youthful vibe to lift off the stress and problems, and of course, take awesome photos!

With Imagine Nation Photography, you can never go wrong . :)

Incase you want to see more of my portfolio, you can visit my personal website at www.james-valenzuela.com 

You can also contact me directly at james@imaginenationphoto.com for bookings and inquiries. :)


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